Special Kids Splash Their Creativity on a Mural

Special Kids Splash Their Creativity on a Mural

A wall in JEIWA – Paradigm Mall has been dedicated to special kid’s art

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In commemoration of the International Day of People with Disability Johor Empowerment of Intellectual Women Association (JEIWA) and Anak Johor Event collaborated to celebrate children with disabilities.

The event, a brainchild of Anak Johor Event, aimed to provide special children with a fresh experience in expressing their art. All twenty participants had the opportunity to paint on a dedicated wall at JEIWA Powerhouse’s in Paradigm Mall.

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Muralist Dhiyaul Mohamad Ashraf, founder of Art Battalion from Selangor, guided the children in their painting. Ashraf began by tracing the outline of the mural and allowed the children to paint on their own. Painting of the whole wall took eight hours over two days, and Ashraf expertly touched up the mural before the mural was displayed to the public. He shared that working with the children was an experience of its own – the first for him, and truly believes the children are talented in the arts.

Zaifri Husin, Director at Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara Johor, graced the event and was impressed with the mural.

Special Kids Splash Their Creativity on a Mural
Participants, Organisers, and Guests of Honour

“The way the strokes of the flowers are painted, it’s different. The (painted) woman’s face holds 1000 stories that she keeps to herself, and her eyes and lips show she is standing strong,” he said. Ashraf concurred that he had maintained the brush strokes done by children, and the comments reflected the children’s skill in the artwork.

Muhd Syahir, an officer from IRDA, was also present to support the launch of the mural. The mural can be viewed at the JEIWA Power House multipurpose room at Paradigm Mall, Lot 2F-11.

The sponsors of the project included Sea Master Paint, JEiWA Power House, Paradigm Mall JB, and Tune Hotel.


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