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Vaden Announces the Release of ‘Shadow Six: The First Book In The Trilogy’

“I watch a lot of anime, movies and read books and manga. I got exposed to so many masterpieces that it gave me an...

Through the eyes of the East

Salma Hamid Hussain has lived and travelled in many countries, including the United States. Appalled by the misconceptions on Eastern women and their lifestyle...

The ‘Big Bad Comeback’ Online Sales Targets 1 Million Books to Recover

The recent floods which severely impacted certain parts of the country affected many lives, resulting in a loss of livelihood for many. Big Bad...

Nana Aberdeen announces the release of ‘The Land of a Thousand Bridges’

Inspired by stories such as Princess Mononoke, Nana Aberdeen sees a vast opportunity to explore Asian folklore and present it to the world in...

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