Taman Dahlia Market Gets its Facelift after 22 Years

An upgrading project by Damansara Assets Sdn Bhd


Johor Corporation (JCorp) through its subsidiary company, Damansara Assets Sdn Bhd (DASB) has handed over 105 shop lots to the tenants of the new 16,800 sq. Taman Dahlia Market.

Construction work that took place since June 2019 completed earlier than scheduled date. With the project valued at RM2.7m, the upgraded market is hoped to provide a more comfortable place for doing business as well as convenient shopping experience for customers.

DASB Executive Director, Yusaini Sidek said in his speech that along with the upgrading of the market, tenants will also enjoy five incentives. Among others are 30% rent rebate for those who had  moved to temporary tent during the construction, flexibility of paying deposit in two instalment in January and February 2020 and 2-month rent exemption for  those who are eligible.

“The same rent rate still applies but now with much wider space and in fact there will be no increment in rental rate throughout the 3 years of the rental agreement,” said Yusaini.

Taman Dahlia Market which is located within Taman Dahlia Business Centre houses 400 business entities that have been operating since September 1997.