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Saving Koalas, One Tiffin at a Time

Victims of the Australian bushfire includes a huge amount of helpless koalas

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Johor Empowerment of Intellectual Women Association (JEIWA) has launched “The Koala Tiffin Project”, a charity drive for the Australian Bushfire koala victims with Mrs. Malaysia Global Universe 2019/2020, Dr. Shana Yong who is also an animal advocate at JEIWA Power House in Paradigm Mall JB. Also present were JEIWA Founder and President, Ina Fadilah Nizar and the Advisor for Koala Tiffin Project, Dr. Maszlee Malik, Advisor for JEIWA education programme and MP Simpang Renggam, and Australian High Commissioner for Malaysia, H.E. Andrew Goledzinowski.

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A brainchild of Dr Shana Yong, she got in touch with JEIWA as a partner and beneficiary to plan a project to raise donations for both Australian Bushfire koala victims and also JEIWA’s Women Empowerment Fund focusing on education and critical assistance on domestic violence. As a support for the environment, tiffin carriers were chosen to encourage a change of habit from using non-recyclable packaging for takeaways.

Saving Koalas, One Tiffin at a Time
From left, Mrs Malaysia Global Universe 19/20 Dr Shana Yong, Australian High Commissioner for Malaysia, H.E. Andrew Goledzinowski, MP Simpang Renggam and JEIWA education programme project advisor Dr Maszlee Malik, and Founder of JEIWA, Ina Fadilah Nizar

“When you need a friend, you can always turn to a Malaysian,” said the Australian High Commissioner, after staying positive that Australia will overcome the bushfire incident that has burnt over 100 forests and the animals residing in the forests suffered the worst besides human beings. Koala, an iconic herbivore in Australia was wounded and starving when rescued from the wildfire at makeshift hospitals.

Saving Koalas, One Tiffin at a Time
Three-tier tiffin carriers sold in JEIWA Powerhouse – the charity tiffin carriers would look just like this but with Koala design on it

The koala stainless steel tiffin carriers were hand-painted and hand-drawn by the underprivileged communities using non-toxic colours. The carriers are air-tight and will keep food fresh for hours. At RM388 per piece, RM68 from it will go towards the Australia Bushfire victims and RM50 to JEIWA’s Women Empowerment Fund.

Orders can be made by calling +6016 737 7022 (Ina Fadilah) or email them at ceojgr@gmail.com or give JEIWA Powerhouse a visit at Lot 2F-11 Level 2, Paradigm Mall.


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