Last Few Days Left! Feed and Heal Your Soul with Singapore-Inspired Virtual Therapeutic Experiences

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Being away from home refreshes our souls. Switching environments and shaking up your routine can change the way we think and act and make you a  better you,  regardless of where you are.  So, whatever the reasons are that we are staying in one place, scheduling time to explore or change your routine to relax is essential. We all need it – for our body, mind and psyche.

From gardening to dancing to fashion, there is an abundance of soul-healing virtual activities that would help you escape the hustle and bustle. Here are some of the great ways to set your mind, body and soul on fire and boost your serotonin, and you won’t even have to get out of your seat for this.

Embark on a therapeutic horticulture journey:  Get Your Green Thumb On at Singapore Garden Festival’s Horticulture Show

Gardening is known to be therapeutic as it helps to improve attention and sleep patterns while lessening stress and agitation. There’s no time like the present to make your garden a sanctuary filled with tranquillity, healing and hope.   Embark on a horticultural journey and reconnect with plants virtually at Singapore Garden Festival’s Horticulture (Hort) Show with Singapore Botanic Gardens and Jurong Lake Gardens. In addition, you can look forward to free virtual talks and workshops by various experts from Singapore Botanic Gardens. Ranging from Facebook Live sessions and Zoom webinars to videos on gardening, floral arrangement, aquascaping and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Date: Now till 31 October 2021

Start your Horticultural Therapy at Singapore Garden Festival here:

Uplift your spirits through the performing arts with Esplanade’s da:ns festival, a celebration of Singapore’s next generation of dance artists

There’s no denying that the performing arts can improve one’s physical health while boosting confidence and self-esteem. It is especially in these uncertain times that the arts can comfort, provide perspective, and lift the spirits of individuals. This year’s da:ns festival supports the next generation of dance artists,  as dance on screen comes into focus with the rise of technology and the pandemic circumstances.

You can expect to see complex cultures from Singapore being creatively incorporated at “The Third Space”,  as choreographer Supatchai  Lappakornkul straddles  Asian and   Western cultures,  and translates physical experiences into virtual spaces with the help of pre-professional dance students at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.  Or you can catch LASALLE College of the  Arts’  Diploma in Dance students performing “Civic Bodies”, which reflects the expansion and challenges the boundaries of dance both physically and conceptually.  Get inspired by these talented Singaporean dance artists and be uplifted with the joy of the arts at home.

Date: Now till 31 October 2021

Catch performances from Singapore’s da:ns festival over here:

Last Few Days Left! Feed and Heal Your Soul with Singapore-Inspired Virtual Therapeutic Experiences
#SGFASHIONNOW_ACM x LASALLE. Image courtesy of Asian Civilisatios Museum

Art to heart with Asian Civilisations Museum’s first display of contemporary Singapore fashion #SGFASHIONNOW

Fashion is a  form of self-expression,  and the clothes we choose to put on ourselves reflect our identity,  personality or mood. Fashion is also often therapeutic,  as it can also be an alternative medium to express our feelings and process complex emotions that are impossible to do through language.   Discover different forms of self-expression through fashion at   Singapore’s   Asian Civilisations Museum #SGFASHIONNOW’s curated “Art to Heart Workshop”, facilitated by Certified Art Therapists. Individuals can learn to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones through a textile printing activity, where you can build on self-expression and learn that it is okay not to be okay. Heal your soul and emotional wellbeing through fashion art therapy in this workshop.

Date: 20 November 2021

Start your self-expression art journey with #SGFASHIONNOW here:

Explore the Power of Meditation with an Integral Meditation & Mindfulness Online Session at Singapore’s SPACE 2B

Last Few Days Left! Feed and Heal Your Soul with Singapore-Inspired Virtual Therapeutic Experiences

Meditating often helps us to remain calm and centred and allows us to cut back on negative states of mind that give rise to stress like anxiety, frustration or insecurities. Join in for a session of Integral Meditation  &  Mindfulness at  Singapore’s  SPACE 2B with dedicated collective mindfulness mentors who believe in the power of meditation and sound to transform your life and work from the inside out. Each session involves simple practices that we can apply to make a real difference to your wellbeing and effectiveness in life,  suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners of meditation and mindfulness.

Connect  with  yourself  from  within  at  Singapore’s  SPACE  2B  Integral  Meditation  &  Mindfulness

Livestream Online Session here:

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