Iftar Bazar Ramadan Special at Amansari Residence Resort Seri Alam

Amansari brings a delightful experience with a stunning array of dishes for their Ramadan Buffet

Dessert Section to wow any guests

Starting from the 16th April 2021 – 12th May 2021, Amansari Residence Resort in Seri Alam will be having their special Ramadan Promotions. Featuring the theme for this year “Iftar Bazar Ramadan” which directly translates to the special tastes of Malaysian Bazaar culture. Feast during this holy month with Amansari Residence as they offer a variety of traditional dishes introduced by their chefs, which will take you back down memory lane.

For this Ramadan Special, Amansari Residence Resort will be celebrating the Holy month at their newly upgraded Grand Ballroom. This is where guests will experience a truly Kampong style ambiance and the wide array of Malaysian flavours.

Lamb Kuzi
Amazing Lamb Kuzi
Assortment of condiments to go with your mains

From your typical dishes such as Roti John, Rojak and Murtabak, which are usually enjoyed during Ramadan Bazaars, all the way to the amazing highlights such as their Kambing Kuzi (Kuzi Lamb), where guests can choose a variety of ingredients alongside a homemade sauce, that will take this tender lamb dish to the next level. Aside from that, guests can also feast on ‘Durian Goreng’, which is diced and cooked in a special wok. Also not forgetting local favourites such as Laksa Johor, Laksa Penang, and Mee Kari.

If those aren’t enough, you’ll have extra dishes such as soups, tacos, pasta’s, satay, assortments of cakes and muffins, ice-kacang, ice-cream, fruits and the list goes on.

All these local highlighted dishes are prepared specially by designated chefs from their respective states, where all the ingredients and thoroughly selected to ensure the authenticity and originality of the dishes.

This amazing buffet is priced at RM85 for adults and RM40 for kids. Get in touch with Amansari at either +607-3817070 or e-mail hotel.info_sa@amansarihotels.com to make your reservations now!

Pasta as well for some Italian flavour
Cupcakes anyone?