All Aboard the IMBRT Pilot Test

Menteri Besar Johor encourages the public to participate in giving insight during the 3 months test run

Good to go
Good to go: Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Ir. Haji Hasni Mohammad (third from left) giving his thumbs up before boarding the IMBRT

Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transit (IMBRT) has officially launched its pilot test run programme on 8th April 2021 for 3 months until 8th July 2021 by Johor Menteri Besar, Datuk Ir. Haji Hasni Mohammad with the attendance of Chairman of the Johor State Public Works, Transportation, and Infrastructure Committee, Mohd Solihan Badri, and Chief Executive of the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA), Datuk Ismail Ibrahim. Representatives from Sweden and South Korea embassies were also present to witness the inauguration.

The pilot test programme is joined by a total of nine bus companies including international brand names like Scania, Volvo, Hyundai Corporations and CRRC Zhejiang alongside five local manufacturing companies. All the vehicles will be running on green technology with electric charge and biodiesel.

Hasni at the IMBRT
Hasni at the IMBRT’s driver cockpit during the first round of the 4KM pilot test
MyBus’s QR Code
Hasni doing mock scan on MyBus’s QR Code, the fare application that integrates every public transportation to one will be IMBRT’s fare system

In his speech, Hasni said the IMBRT project is important to increase the mobility of the people in the state.

“This service will ensure an efficient, convenient and environmentally-friendly public transportation system, covering a wide range of areas.”

“I am confident that it will be a catalyst for development, not only for the Iskandar Malaysia area, but for the entire state of Johor,” he added.

IRDA Chief Executive, Datuk Ismail Ibrahim stressed that an efficient and integrated public transport infrastructure is important to attract foreign and domestic investments, thus increasing the attractiveness of the development corridor.

“This IMBRT project is expected to create up to 35,000 jobs and increase Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for Johor,” he added.

On naming the IMBRT’s bus, IRDA is organising a contest open for the public to join with Hasni voicing his support on prizes’ value impromptu during his speech.

The public is encouraged to channel their concerns and insight on the project specifically concerning areas, feasibility and manouvreability especially for children, senior citizens and the disabled community through IMBRT social media.

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All smiles
All smiles under the mask after getting off the bus’ test run