Find My Job: One Less Unemployment at a Time

Junior Chamber International South Key matches people who lost their jobs with a new opportunity

JCI members actively mobilising their resources to tackle unemployment

Junior Chamber International (JCI) South Key and Awesome Manpower Sdn Bhd Employment Agency have taken the initiative to develop a three-month recruitment portal called ‘Find My Job’ from 15th June to 15th September 2021. JCI strives to help those who have lost their jobs and those who are unemployed obtain suitable employment to help participants earn, maintain, or improve their income during difficult times.

This collaboration allocates 20% of job possibilities to those with a diploma or similar qualification, with the remainder going to those with an SPM qualification or lower. “Our main objective is to ensure that the affected are allowed to earn an income. It indirectly reduces the socio-economic impact due to the loss and absence of livelihoods,” commented Lee Joeyee, the President of JCI South Key.

“JCI South Key is aware of the negative impact of the pandemic on the economy and its correlation towards community wellbeing. Unbearable stress due to the economic downturn can lead to various social problems such as increased crime rate and mental and emotional breakdown. If unchecked, it may trigger an action beyond rational conscience. In this regard, we are committed to playing our role as active citizen for the common good. Indirectly, it will help reduce unemployment as well as crime and suicide rates,” she added.

She further added that, even though the government has formally undertaken many initiatives and/or programmes aimed at lowering unemployment rates, the number of people impacted remains high. JCI South Key plays its full role in lowering the country’s unemployment rate and promotes economic progress. Joeyee also calls on more organisations to mobilise their resources to address the root cause of unemployment.

According to the statement by JCI South Key, Malaysia’s labour market has been in an unstable state, quoting the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), were revealed that as of April 2021, the labour market still recorded an unemployment rate as high as 4.6%, resulting in a large number of families facing the challenges of a severe decrease in income and making ends meet throughout the pandemic. The domestic labour market showed a monthly unemployment rate ranging from 3.9 to 5.3%, affecting roughly 200,000 people.