Emotional Eating Impairs Our Creativity – Part 2


In the previous issue we explored that moodiness is one way to connect with our inner spirit and its intelligence. Moodiness is not an easy period to endure. That is the reason why we choose the quickest way to deal with it: through food! However, whenever we “eat” our moodiness away, we are suppressing our creativity and higher intelligence that drives it.

Here are some practical solutions to deal with moodiness and emotional eating. It may help you with weight loss along the way and expand your creativity too.

Creativity requires our attention to moodiness

Before creativity gets to manifest, there is a fertilising period where creativity is waiting to unfold. The waiting period appears as emptiness in life. Moodiness and melancholy are our expressions of this empty period but we shouldn’t fix our sense of emptiness with food as it could distort creative growth. Instead, connect with our emotional discomfort and melancholy without the presence of food. Do you notice that highly creative people are not big eaters? Overeating emotionally without a creative outlet to release the energy could result in excessive energy storage. The results? It would lead to weight gain.


There are types of fasting that you can try. Water fasting is the best way to deal with emotional eating. Drink only plain water or non-sugary drinks such as tea and let the body rest from digesting food. Without energy from food, you could have a better sense of your moodiness and creativity.

“I need to eat!”

If fasting is challenging for you, consume only a small portion of natural and healthy food. Avoid over-indulgence with sweets and fast food. Foods we eat do not just fill our stomach. Holistically, food carries information. We then digest the information on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Food nourishes the body and the inner spirit! This is another reason why quality and natural food can transform our lives and creativity entirely.