Fancy A Walk In The Sky of Johor Bahru?


Skyscape Johor Bahru at Menara JLand has plenty of fun for everyone

Fancy walking on top of the world or at least the skies of Johor Bahru? This is made possible at Menara Jland, located right beside Komtar JBCC. Go to the lobby to purchase your tickets and there is a time limit of 2 hours so visitors could maneuver the sky comfortably.

Reaching the 34th floor, feel the intense urge to take pictures when you see the glimpse of the LED tunnel. If you are prone to photosensitive epilepsy or the likes of it, do inform the staffs so they could help you go by the tunnel safely.

Have a go at the Virtual Reality (VR) games booth there, or just watch your friends play it. What they are experiencing, would be broadcasted on the screen outside of the booths. There are three types of games from skiing, zombie hunt and roller coaster.

Fancy A Walk In The Sky of Johor Bahru?
Remember to get some memorabilias by the end of your sky-walking trip

Next, experience the climax of the visit here by taking off your footwear and wear the special anti-slippery socks. But do keep tabs on your personal wear like scarves or hats and etc because of the wind and keep it safe first.

Savour the moment as you take your steps into the sky. Look around Johor Bahru city, feel the air of this sky space and look down if you don’t have acrophobia. Most importantly, take as many pictures and videos to freeze these special moments!

Finally, get some merchandise sold right at the exit of the sky walking experience as remembrance or souvenirs.

Opening hours are from 9.30am – 10.00pm with the final session at 8.30pm. Adults’ ticket is priced at RM28 each and kids at RM18 per pax. Do take note that MyKad is required for tickets purchasing.