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Solve Your #EhWhatToEat Dilemma with Klook

A big foodie at heart? Explore your next F&B spot with great deals on Klook!

- Advertisement -Solve Your #EhWhatToEat Dilemma with Klook

A common question asked by Malaysians – “Eh, what to eat?” especially when it comes to deciding where to get lunch with colleagues, or finding the next trendy bubble milk tea outlet with friends or which restaurant to treat your parents a hearty meal at.

Klook understands that food plays an important element to bring Malaysians together. Once the whole nation recovers from the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic and you want to explore locally looking for something to eat, Klook has got you covered!

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Solve Your #EhWhatToEat Dilemma with Klook
Mouthwatering banana leaf food at Devi’s Corner

Truly Malaysian Food

As a cultural melting pot with people from various cultural backgrounds, Malaysians are blessed with different flavours and specialty dishes of each culture.

To bring it up a notch, Klook allows Malaysians to enjoy local cuisines with great deals at restaurants such as Devi’s Corner at Jalan Telawi Bangsar, Baba Nyonya restaurant and Cendol Kampung Hulu at Makan Avenue Melaka!

Solve Your #EhWhatToEat Dilemma with Klook
Cendol Kampung Hulu

Quench your Thirst!

Are you a big fan of Chatto, Gong Cha and Fire Tiger and the likes? You know what we’re talking about since most Malaysians are in love with bubble tea, so why not grab a friend with you and cheers over a milk tea!

Not a fan of bubble milk tea? Klook has cafe options, such as Pulp by PPP Coffee in Bangsar, KL for you to get caffeinated.

Solve Your #EhWhatToEat Dilemma with Klook
Gong Cha bubble tea to quench your thirst

Unique food experiences

If you have not visited Sabah before, it’s time to take a look at its natural beauty and culture by taking on a Borneo Cultural Village Halfday Tour. Aside from learning how to cook Indian style pancake using bamboo, you will also get to watch the beautiful sunset on a boat and marvel at the natural light show as hundreds of fireflies put on a glowing performance.

Solve Your #EhWhatToEat Dilemma with Klook
Borneo Cultural Village Half Day Tour

Looking for another way to experience the vibrant culture of Sarawak? Join a Bumbu Kuching Cooking Class and you will get to experience a hands-on culinary class by handpicking local unique ingredients at the local market.


Sweet Tooth

It is always a pleasure to make plans for things you can look forward to. Make a dessert plan with your sweet tooth friends to the Mansion at The Majestic in Melaka or surprise your loved ones with a piece of brownie at Brownies Bar by The Accidental Bakers in Kuala Lumpur.

Solve Your #EhWhatToEat Dilemma with Klook
Brownies Bar by The Accidental Bakers

So start planning and stay tuned at Klook’s #EhWhatToEat campaign page as they bring more awesome F&B  deals for Malaysians to enjoy.

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