Quick, Easy and Delicious Organic Family Dinners with Alce Nero

Follow these quick recipes developed by Retna Vijayan, a business owner and mother-of-three, who cooks dinner for five every weeknight

Creamy Tomato Clam Spaghetti by Retna Vijayan

Malaysia has entered the endemicity phase of COVID-19, and most of us are back to working at offices but the family still needs dinner after your long day at work. There’s always takeout but food prices are rising globally. What can you do? Break out those amazing cooking skills you honed during the WFH-era, choosing meals that are quick, easy and that can please the entire family’s tastebuds.

Where can you start? With pasta of course!

Pasta is a favourite among urban Malaysians because it looks and tastes like local noodles, blends well with many cuisines can be modified to suit every skill level and palate, and is nutritious and healthy. For busy parents, pasta meals can be prepared quickly and easily, with fewer pots and pans to wash up after. Cooked pasta refrigerates and reheats very well making it ideal for pre-prepped meals, and as leftovers for lunch boxes.

Alce Nero, a leader in organic food including, pasta, pasta sauces, honey, jams, olive oil and apple cider vinegar and much more, presents four simple pasta recipes that you can adapt or use as is, with hacks to save you time to get dinner to the table, and to enjoy leftovers for lunch. The recipes were developed by Retna Vijayan, a business owner and mother-of-three, who cooks dinner for five every weeknight.

Alce Nero also has a new range of Kid’s Pastas, the Tricolore Alce Nero Kid Pasta Sports Shape which received a 5 Star Rating, the highest rating possible, on Motherhood Malaysia[1].

The pasta sauce recipes include creamy tomato, basil pesto, carbonara and herbed tomato. All recipes can be tweaked to suit vegetarians by omitting the meat or seafood. For speedy preparation, frozen seafood and prepared meat is used. The sauces contain lots of herbs to increase the fibre content but you can reduce or increase to taste.

Creamy Tomato Clam Spaghetti

Absolute comfort food that combines the piquancy of Alce Nero Organic Pasta Sauce with Vegetables with the richness of the cream, the salty chewiness of clams, and the freshness of parsley over al dente Alce Nero Organic Spaghetti Tricolore. So good especially on a rainy day.


  • Add Alce Nero Organic Spaghetti Tricolore to a pot of well salted boiling water. Cover and cook for 6 minutes or al dente.
  • At the same time, pan fry the garlic, chopped parsley and clams until the clams are browned.  Reserve some browned clams for garnishing.
  • Using cooking tongs add the al dente pasta to the clams, stir in the cherry tomato halves and the Alce Nero Organic Pasta Sauce with Vegetables allowing to heat through. There are lots of juicy vegetables in the sauce for a well-balanced one-pot meal.
  • Stream in the cooking cream while stirring. If you prefer more sauce, add half a cup of the salted pasta water, and stir in until well incorporated.’
  • Plate up, garnish with some parsley and the reserved clams. Grate some cheese over the pasta if you like it cheesier.

Prep time: 10 minutes, cook time 10 minutes, serves 5 pax


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