Pick Up Your Books and Put Those Gadgets Down – Part Two

Kids in Malaysia spent good amount of time online watching videos and listening to music in 2020


Children do realise that the computer is not just a means of entertainment but an important tool for education, communication, and personal growth. Therefore, setting some ground rules is also vital for the long run.

Kaspersky shares some good tips for parents:

  • Spend more time communicating with your children about online safety measures. Tell your children what must not, under any circumstances, be published on the Internet and why.
  • Surf and learn together. See where they spend their time online and explore how to best keep them safe. Also spending time to play online games, so you can learn from each other.
  • Explain that all the sensitive information can be shared only via messengers and only with people you know in real life.
  • And yes, we do recommend parents to install a cybersecurity software like Kaspersky Total Security to protect their kids against online threats. Kaspersky is offering a three-month free trial of Kaspersky Total Security, available through this link https://bit.ly/safekids011.

About the statistics

 Kaspersky Safe Kids scans the contents of a Web page the child is trying to access. If the site falls into one of fourteen undesirable categories, the module sends an alert to Kaspersky Security Network. No user’s personal information is transmitted and neither is privacy compromised.

Note these two important points:

  • It is up to the parent to decide which content to block by tweaking the protective solution’s preferences. But anonymous statistics are collected for all the 14 categories.
  • Data is harvested only from computers running Windows and macOS; no mobile statistics are provided in this report.

Kaspersky Safe Kids filters Web content according to the following categories:

  • Internet communication
  • Adult content
  • Alcohol, tobacco, narcotics
  • Violence
  • Weapons, explosives, pyrotechnics
  • Profanity
  • Gambling, lotteries, sweepstakes
  • Computer games
  • E-tailers, banks, and payment systems
  • Software, audio, video
  • Anonymous access systems
  • Job search
  • Religion, religious associations
  • News media

Find out more about the latest Kaspersky’s Kids on the Web report here: https://securelist.com/how-kids-coped-with-covid-hit-winter-holidays/100450/