‘MAH Cares’ Initiative Benefits Hotel Employees in Johor

This is a literal translation of “KitaJagaKita” concept especially with many hotels closing their doors after many years of operation and history, therefore, initiatives like this to assist other fellow hoteliers is the right step forward

From left: Michael Bay, the Liaison Committee Member of MAH Johor Chapter, Sunny Soo, General Manager of Pulai Springs Resort, an employee of New York Hotel (middle) with Chairman of MAH Johor Chapter, Ivan Teo (right) with Maisarah Halimi of Pulai Springs Resort holding the 'MAH Johor Cares' placard

With an allocation of RM21,000 from the headquarters of the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH), the Johor Chapter of the Association provided food parcels and cash aid to hotel employees who had experienced pay cuts, placed on extended periods of unpaid leave and those with a take-home pay not exceeding RM1,500 per month.

“The Board of MAH had approved a budget of RM200,000 as a special grant to Chapters to initiate a targeted Hoteliers Food Aid Programme, subject to pre-determined criteria and implementation framework to be decided by respective Chapters.  Johor Chapter’s allocation of funds is based on the percentage of member hotels in the country, so the amount will vary by State Chapters” said Ivan Teo, Chairman of MAH Johor Chapter.  The committee had set up a task force among its members to decide on the criteria that are tailored to the needs of Johor hotels.

According to Michael Bay, the Liaison Committee Member in charge of disbursement, “Other than purchases from the funds allocated by MAH National, Yeo Hiap Seng (Malaysia) Bhd also partially sponsored food items such as instant noodles, chrysanthemum tea and canned goods which were distributed to over 300 hotel staff from 18 participating hotels.”

Besides monetary contributions, Yeo Hiap Seng (Malaysia) Bhd also partially sponsored food items to over 300 hotel staff

“It has been a difficult year for Johor hoteliers with some hotels having closed down, or temporarily ceased operation.  The MAH CARES Corporate Social Responsibility Programme is a timely initiative to help our own employees in time of need,” said Sunny Soo, the General Manager of Pulai Springs Resort who volunteered his premises to be used as the point of contact for collection, storage and distribution to the respective hotels’ personnel receiving the food aid, while adhering to strict SOPs.