How Important is Your Children’s Education For You?

How Important is Your Children’s Education For You?

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The country’s strong COVID-19 statistics by the second half of 2020 has once again interrupted the recovery of education. With schools and educational institutions ordered to shut down during the prolonged CMCO till the end of the academic year, this has been the most testing time for many educational institutions.

Surviving the second CMCO, retaining students and bringing new student enrolments are priorities.

As part of Private Education Entrepreneur Association Malaysia (PEEAM)’s ongoing initiative to help ensure the recovery of educational institutions during CMCO, a Virtual Education Expo 2021 (VEExpo 2021) will be organised to help educational institutions reach out to their prospective parents and students and to promote enrolment through this virtual event.

In order to minimise the fiscal burden on organisations, the exhibition expenses have been held to a minimum so that more institutions can participate and reap the benefits.

Hosted by PEEAM and organised by Xenodios Sdn. Bhd., VEExpo is a 3-day virtual exhibition, beginning on 1st January 2021, from 10am to 10pm, with free access to visitors. It’s a one-stop expo that consists everything about 2-12 years old education ranging from Taska, Tadika, Daycare/Transit, Tuition and Enrichment, educational-related products, parents/student resources and talks. Parents can easily browse and explore educational opportunities and deals available from the comforts of their homes.

VEExpo 2021 Registration is now available to all educational institutions, parents and students.

PEEAM also welcomes individuals especially from the aviation and hospitality industries that lost their jobs due to the pandemic in seeking opportunities to start a business in education. More information is available in PEEAM’s Facebook page

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