Epson Invites Organisations to “Be Cool” With Latest Heat-Free Technology

Epson Invites Organisations to “Be Cool” With Latest Heat-Free Technology

Making your work greener is possible with Epson’s new sustainability campaign

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Epson Malaysia, a leader in the field of printing and visual technology, is launching its printer sustainability campaign, “Be Cool,” which aims to inform and inspire businesses to adopt greener printing practises using Epson Heat-Free technology, as part of its corporate mission to build a sustainable society.

A virtual forum titled “Building Business Resilience through Sustainable Technology” was held as part of this initiative to spark discussion about environmentally friendly business practises and their effect on the recovering economy. Epson Malaysia and EcoKnights signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the collaboration for the Be Cool campaign at the forum.

Malaysia aims to become a high-technology nation by 2030. It must continue to innovate by fostering growth and assisting businesses in moving from linear to circular economies.

Daisuke Hori, Managing Director of Epson Malaysia, spoke at the virtual forum about how the company’s innovation will help minimise the environmental impact of daily business activities. “Epson-Heat Free Technology has demonstrated its contribution to sustainability in every print,” says the company. This aligns with Epson Vision 2050, which outlines its efforts to contribute to the creation of a sustainable world.

Epson Inkjet printers use up to 85% less energy than a comparable-speed laser printer. Epson Heat-Free technology can result in significant annual energy savings for a typical office. Inkjet printers also emit up to 85% less carbon dioxide than laser printers.

To grow sustainably and affordably, choose inkjet 

Fadly Bakhtiar, Programme Director of EcoKnights said that it’s critical for businesses to foster a sustainability-focused organisational culture among their employees. Businesses must move strategic changes from the conventional economy to a green economy to become sustainably developed.

EcoKnights is a non-governmental environmental organisation that was established in 2005. It works with key stakeholders to drive and inspire sustainable actions for a better world.

Other speakers at the forum included Jester J. Cruz, Senior Manager-Product Management of Epson Singapore, who discussed the business advantages of converting to EcoTank printers.

During the campaign time, which runs from 29th March to 30th June 30 2021, the Epson Be Cool campaign aims to raise RM20,000 for EcoKnights. Visit to learn more.

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