Doctors’ Recommendation: Healthy Food Delivery

Doctors’ Recommendation: Healthy Food Delivery

Confinement Food, Recovery Meals, “Reset” Diets at your doorstep

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The convenience of food delivery services has left us spoilt for choices. However, the choices available are not made to help you curb your diet or maintain in health. Healthy or “clean” foods options are limited.

GoWellSpring, a new healthy food delivery service in town was founded and built by health professionals with the purpose of convenience and to build robust, healthy communities.

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“Eat food as your medicine, otherwise you end up eating medicine in your food,” said Dr Sharifah Halimah Jaafar, founder, at their food tasting session. With the expertise from a dietician, a TCM consultant, a confinement chef and a consulting chef, the new business aims to provide food for mothers under postnatal confinement at home, patients recovering from illnesses and need proper nutrition for their recovery, and for people who are looking to manage their weight by eating right.

Doctors’ Recommendation: Healthy Food Delivery
GoWellSpring Team of business development and food professionals

The foods are cooked up with knowledge and thought-based processes to dispel myths that surround healthy food, particularly confinement food. Meals have also been calibrated for its total calorie to meet the calorie requirement one needs. Customised meal plan by dietician for recovery meals is also available as a service.

Doctors’ Recommendation: Healthy Food Delivery
Delivered in bento, colourful foods are chosen to increase appetite

Meals are never repeated – they come in 7, 14, and 28 days packages, and 5, 14 days packages for confinement and recovery meals respectively. Moreover, the food is catered to the tastebuds of everyone and is cooked according to Muslim requirements.

Despite being low-sodium and low-fat, the foods taste delicious.

Doctors’ Recommendation: Healthy Food Delivery
Search for their outlet online: “GoWellSpring” and it will lead you to their doorstep

Order the food via their website, or contact directly at 011-16804480, 01116185006, or walk in at their outlet at No. 145, Jalan Perisai, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor. Food delivery is already available via Food Delivery application Galaeats and soon on foodpanda and Grab Food.

GoWellSpring looks to expand to a chain of healthy food outlets and a nationwide franchise in the future.


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