Cheering for International Women’s Day 2020 With Transformative Actions

Happy and Joyous Club Johor Bahru integrated the celebration with a wish for a sustainable future

Participants from all around the world in the laughing session

Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards (IMSHA)’s winner, Johor Bahru Happy & Joyous Club (JBHJC) has recently celebrated International Women’s Day online under the theme of “Gender Equality Today For a Sustainable Tomorrow”. 46 participants from Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu and overseas such as Vietnam, New Zealand, India and Canada had joined in this virtual celebration.

JBHJC President, Koh Mui Cheng during her welcoming speech

True to their nature, President Koh Mui Cheng in her opening speech jokingly asked the members if they have pledged to support gender equality before followed by laughing exercises.

The baton then was passed to the day’s guest of honour, Thanam Visvanathan, the Chairman of IMSHA and Johor Women’s League (Jewel) programme chairman to share some insight on United Nations’ Five Transformative Actions for International Women’s Day 2022.

Guest of honour, Chairman of IMSHA and JEWEL, Thanam Visvanathan sharing the Five Transformative Actions underlined by the United Nations

The five actions were to realise the equality of women’s rights throughout the world from every continent, to ensure the representation of women in decision making, encouraging to have more investment in the economic empowerment of women, to take action against violence against women and to listen to the voices of young girls who have a lot to offer.

“In IMSHA, we align all our objectives with the SDGs and spending our morning here with JBHJC is something of particular joy for me because, in this club, women lead. Men are also equally present and they are happy to provide an enabling environment for everyone to lead, both men and women,” she said, acknowledging that the club has done their share for gender equality.

JBHJC International Women’s Day 2022 celebration promotional poster

“When it comes to holistic development, gender equality is the way to go and no party loses when there is gender equality represented at the table,” she concluded her speech.

With the COVID-19 situation and the various Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), JBHJC has carried out most of their activities online since March 2020. Prior to that, the club has been involved with communities from the hospitals/clinics, old folks’ homes, colleges and schools, police stations, dialysis centres, corporate companies, town councils, residential gardens/parks and NGOs.

JBHJC holds a Zoom laughing yoga practise session every day. Participants who are interested in taking part may contact the club via Facebook to join a session or to set up a private session.

For further enquiries, contact Publicity Director, Pauline Foo at +6016 7428920 or Organising Chair, Wham Lay Kai at +6019 7599987.