When Learning Never Stops

Junior Chamber International Organises Learning Festival Programme

Save the date for JCI's Learning Festival

The youth organisation, Junior Chamber International (JCI) led by JCI South Key and 5 other chapters have joined hands in organising the Learning Festival webinar programme, in conjunction with its JCI Fit ‘n Match 2021 project.

This programme is organised online for free and will cover a range of topics from mental health, emotional handling in the workplace, and business management in the face of challenges, employee management skills, job matching, elaboration and guidance on incentives offered by the government for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learning Festival Programme itinerary

The 2-day learning programme will be conducted on two Saturdays; 7th August 2021 and 14th August 2021. The guest speakers are certified trainers by the Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp), psychiatrists and nutritionists. The programmes will be conducted in 3 languages in order to reach out to a wider audience demographic and more participants may get involved.

JCI South Key President, Lee Joe Yee said, “We are targeting 1000 participants for the fit & match webinar. There are 5 programme slots in 1 day with 11 guest speakers from various fields of expertise that will be sharing their knowledge and skills that are beneficial to all”.

The Organising Chairman of the project, Faizul Amin Anuar said, “The continuation of the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic will definitely have an impact on all walks of life. Some are losing sources of income, our freedom of movement has become very limited, coping with online learning sessions with parents forced to shoulder multiple roles at once, and business downturns. All these factors have caused individual stress and anxiety levels to rise. Therefore, this Learning Festival programme is a manifestation of our long-term efforts in helping community members.”

The JCI affiliations are from the Central South area which consists of 3 Johor chapters, namely JCI South Key, Century and Muar as well as JCI Mines and Entrepreneur from Klang Valley as well as JCI Melaka City Entrepreneur.

In addition to the knowledge sharing webinar, community funds were also raised and donated by JCI to help needy people during this pandemic and job matching activities under the ‘Find My Job’ programme is still ongoing until September 2021.