What’s New in the Telecommunications Industry?

(From Left to right) Kartik Raja, Founder of MOZARK Pte. Ltd., Dion Asencio, President, MOZARK Philippines and Saravanan Manickam, Director of MOZARK Pte. Ltd .

Consistel Philippines Inc. and AFL Networks Sdn Bhd have finally reached a merger agreement with MOZARK Pte. Ltd. Businesses perceive the need to extend their solutions to further enhance South East Asia’s network and application experience. Dion Asencio and Saravanan Manickam are now heading the operations of MOZARK in South East Asia.

“I have full confidence with Consistel’s demonstrated caliber in the industry and its key leaders, Dion and Sara, who are steadfast in their goal to be at the forefront of innovation in their respective fields. Personally, I am excited to be a part of South East Asia’s evolution, into a digitally powered economy. Soon, the merger will grow to fulfill its role in fortifying the technological breakthroughs for the South East Asian Market” said Kartik Raja, Founder, MOZARK Pte. Ltd.

The merger with MOZARK Pte. Ltd. further increases Consistel’s share in the technology market and accommodates a wider range of clientele across different industries like banking, FinTech, eCommerce, real estate, and more.

“Until now, we had a presence in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore in the traditional telecom industry, but have now expanded to cater to various other industries as we move towards our aim to improve Digital Experience through our network, app, and device experience measurement solutions for all people we partner with. We believe that the platform combined with our extensive on-ground field presence would allow us to deliver strong value to our clients in helping them enhance the quality of connectivity to their customers,” said Dion Asencio, President, MOZARK Philippines.

MOZARK Pte. Ltd. will leverage Consistel’s In-building solutions as one of the core services in helping real-estate owners deliver a great indoor connectivity experience to their customers. The company is in the process of preparing structural changes and integration plans that will firmly bring forth a global level of service.

“With two decades of our business presence in the wireless industry, we are confident that MOZARK will grow the business and continue to serve you with the same level of excellence and professionalism that you have come to experience and expect from us. This merger will surely allow us to focus on the IBS core business and introduce new service lines to respond to customers’ needs in the new digital communication era,” stated Saravanan Manickam, Director  of MOZARK Pte. Ltd.