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Special Government Package Aid for MCO 2.0

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Malaysia Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has announced a Special Package Aid on 18th January 2021 at 4 pm through a live broadcast.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 early last year, the Government has implemented four economic stimulus packages worth RM305 billion or more than 20% of GDP to help the people, businesses and protect the economy. These economic stimulus packages have involved RM55 billion of fiscal injections by the Government.

He mentioned that through the Ministry of Finance’s LAKSANA Agency’s observation, 53 Ministries and Government agencies helped over 20 million people and 2.4 million businesses to receive benefits from the previous economic stimulus packages. Also supporting the economic recovery effort is the 2021 Budget announced on 6th November 2020, which provides the country’s largest allocation with RM322.5 billion.

Here is the list of aid that was announced:

  1. RM15 billion Pakej Bantuan Perlindungan Ekonomi dan Rakyat Malaysia (PERMAI) aid package announced.
  2. Twenty-two PERMAI programmes, focused on three key targets.
  3. Three agreements with COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers were signed by the Government, the first batch scheduled to arrive by the end of February.
  4. In the first quarter of this year, one-off assistance of RM500 will be paid to all health frontliners and RM300 to other COVID-19 frontliners.
  5. Transparency of vaccine procurement, based on the National Immunisation Programme by the Special Committee on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Access Guarantee.
  6. The National Consultative Council for Islamic Affairs has agreed that the use of the COVID-19 vaccine is appropriate and that the mentioned groups must take it.
  7. JKM is introducing the Food Basket Programme to provide essential RM100 food products for each qualifying household.
  8. Private hospitals on board have dedicated RM100 million for this reason to receive, treat COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients to lighten the burden on the public health system.
  9. Special tax relief for the purchase of mobile phones, computers and tablets up to RM2,500 extended to 31st December 2021.
  10. Payment for the final stage of BPN 2.0 will be expedited, beginning on 21st January 2021.
  11. Free 1GB data for the public from January to April for educational purposes.
  12. The Wage Subsidy Programme 3.0 is expected to help 250,000 employers who hire more than 2.6 million workers with an additional allocation of RM1 billion.
  13. Enhancement under PERKESO of Wage Subsidy Programme 3.0, whereby all employers operating during MCO are eligible to apply irrespective of the sector.
  14. PPTN: Borrowers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic may apply for a three-month moratorium on repayment of loans until 31st March 2021.
  15. A one-off RM500 financial aid to tourist guides, taxi drivers, school buses, tour buses, hire cars and e-hailing vehicles.
  16. The government allows foreign-owned companies operating in Malaysia to receive guarantees under the Danajamin PRIHATIN Guarantee Scheme (SJPD), provided that 75% of their workforce is made up of local employees.

People can access to more information on all the initiatives and assistance available in 2021 Budget Benefits Portal starting today at http://belanjawan2021.treasury.gov.my/manfaat/index-en.html.  

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