Want to Indulge in Borneo Food in the Heart of Johor Bahru?

To satisfy your cravings, Makan Kitchen is bringing you an array of Borneo dishes for a limited time only

Fragrant Manok Pansuh or Chicken in Bamboo with a surprise filling

It’s definitely tempting to travel out of home currently, as we are not bound by COVID restrictions! However, if you are like me, you may prefer to go somewhere more conveniently located and I grabbed the opportunity when Karman, the Marcom for DoubleTree by Hilton, Johor Bahru invited us to Makan Kitchen’s ‘Best of Borneo Flavours’!

East Malaysia’s food is something that I adore for its unique taste, so I was lucky to dine together with a Sarawakian who could help me tell the difference between fusion and traditional.

Want to Indulge in Borneo Food in the Heart of Johor Bahru?
A serving of Ambuyat with special sambal made out of ginger flower – the clear starch is beneath the generous piece of fish

The clear starch of Ambuyat is the first food that caught my attention. I had generous servings of Seabass fish pieces that were cooked in a savoury, clear soup with a small dollop of special sambal made out of ginger flower and anchovies – the best way to enjoy that fun, jelly-like carbs to its fullest.

Want to Indulge in Borneo Food in the Heart of Johor Bahru?
Special sambal made of ginger flower with anchovies that go so well with Ambuyat

I then had a great urge to follow where the whiff of sweet and spicy aroma came from and was glad it was the famous Laksa Sarawak, freshly prepared hot behind the glass panel counter. A bowl of the steaming laksa gave me so much comfort with the right amount of spiciness on my tastebuds. Karman told us, the laksa could be ordered with Tom Yam soup as a fun fusion option.

Want to Indulge in Borneo Food in the Heart of Johor Bahru?
The steaming goodness of Laksa Sarawak gave me so much comfort

There are dishes like Chicken in Bamboo known as Manok Pansuh and Udang Masak Tuhau Cili Api to be paired with fragrant jasmine rice and not forgetting Mee Kolok.

With all that flavours in my mouth, I needed a dessert to conclude my Borneo and you can’t go wrong with Sarawakian layered cake of strawberry flavour.

Ready to hop in the fun of Borneo food? The ‘Best of Borneo Flavours’ buffet is available for bookings until the 30th of June 2022, Sunday to Thursday, starting from 6.30 pm to 10 pm.

Price is set at RM108nett per adult and RM54nett per child & senior citizens.

Reserve your seats at Makan Kitchen-Best of Borneo Flavours or get one friend to eat for free when you reserve for five pax here.