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United Digitally to Get Through Economic Recession

Regency Specialist Hospital initiated Facebook community group to stimulate local economy

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‘Johor Bersama’ initiated by Regency Specialist Hospital (RSH) is a free digital platform, to support the local businesses and for them to reward their loyal patrons as we go back to normal during the Recovery Movement Control Order period (RMCO). Since its launch two weeks ago, it has attracted more than 1200 members and 100 businesses.

“Johor Bersama is a FREE Facebook group for the local businesses to promote their businesses on this digital platform, allowing consumers easy access to look out for good deals, know about good places to eat and shop in Johor. We have taken this initiative to help and support these local businesses by uniting them on this platform,” said Serena Yong, CEO of RSH.

Businesses have been hurt by the MCO’s forced closure, especially the food stalls, traditional grocery retailers and markets. Food eateries in Johor Bahru that are usually packed with local and overseas customers have reported a dramatic fall in business as tourist numbers dwindled amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are suffering during this pandemic. Consumers’ lifestyle have changed, many are shopping online for food as well as day-to-day needs. If you are able to digitalise your business and leverage on social media and digital platforms to do business, there is opportunity. According to Statista Digital Marketing Outlook of Food & Beverage (F&B) Industry in Malaysia, revenue in the F&B segment is projected to reach USD81 million in 2020 which indicated good potentials. However, some of our traditional businesses are not familiar on digital transformation and lose their connections with their customers,” Yong added.

“Being a caring hospital, we feel it is important to care not just the community’s health but also their wellbeing and the entire social-economical eco system. We aim to bring together businesses and encourage continuous connectivity to help boost the overall economy; hence we choose the name [Johor Bersama] for this Facebook Group, bringing fellow Johorians together. We urge everyone regardless of demographic and geographic factors to join the group to support each other,” said Yong.

“The biggest challenge of F&B industry is the dining in restriction. We need to cooperate with various delivery service providers so that the public knows that we are still operating. Johor Bersama is a good platform that helps us to transform digitally and promote the food stalls. I hope the public and other industry operators stay strong and follow the SOPs, we can get through this together,” said, Jerry Ng, Century Street Food Court Owner.

“I lost my job during this pandemic. I was working at an F&B stall however it was forced to close down as business was affected badly. I need an income to keep a living for my family, so I decide to use my baking skills to have revenue. However, I am new to the industry and need a platform to promote my pastries. I am glad that Regency Specialist Hospital has initiated this platform for us to reach out to the potential customers for free when we faced this hardship,” said founder of Homemade Bakery, Jessica Yap.

Similarly, RSH’s sister hospital, Mahkota Medical Centre is also launching Melaka Bersama platform to support the local businesses in Melaka.

For more good deals and news, please visit Johor Bersama at https://www.facebook.com/groups/johorbersama,everyone is welcome to join the community group. Businesses who are interested to join, please call Fadly Hanafi @ Tel: +60 17-507 2030 from the digital marketing department.

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