Try Out Fun Vegetarian Options at VBurg Boulangerie Cafe


Their plant-based menu is tastier and probably better!

Malaysians are familiar with vegetarianism, what with vegetarian practice made common by the Buddhist and Hindu population that makes up to almost 30% of the country. The demand for plant-based option food has always been there and it gets even higher with the rise of sustainability awareness that has hit the shores in recent time.

VBurg Cafe in Skudai serves a variety of vegetarian food and that includes the lacto-vegetarian (a person who abstains from eating meat and eggs) and ovo-vegetarian or commonly referred to as ‘eggetarians’. Ian Tan who manages the cafe with his brother, Sean Tan as the founder and chef, are both committed vegetarians. They have put in a lot of research and effort to create a menu that everyone can savour.

Ian Tan holding their craft Purple Sweet Potato Burger or better known as PSP Burger

‘VBurg’ is a combination name of two words, ‘v’ for vegetable or vegetarian while ‘burg’ derived from the word burger. Combined, they are creating this idea that the vegetarian foods they offer are fun, tasty and healthy for everyone.

Rejoice brunch fans, as they serve breakfast all day and choose sides of 4 to 7 items that includes potatoes, salads, macaroni and etc.

All Day Breakfast set with baby potatoes, black pepper duo-pulled mushroom, boiled broccoli and salads

There is also “Fried Noodle Pan aka Bun” inspired by Japanese street bun with noodles as its filling. For a local twist, check out the “Mee Goreng Mamak bun” which is recommended by Ian as it’s a great, local fusion initiative.

Their signature; the Purple Sweet Potato burger, nicknamed as the PSP Burger is served with their homemade beetroot ketchup and pickled red cabbage. Take sweet potato fries on the side with their many options of dipping sauces. If soups and salads are your thing, they have it and it has plenty of options too.

Experiment your taste bud away with their delicious non-alcoholic mocktails and various vegetarian cakes!

Finally, end you meal with a choice from the various vegetarian cakes on offer that are freshly baked.

Price range is affordable from ala carte to a set of meal variation and it could go from RM5.90 to RM29.90.

VBurg is located at 74, Jalan Laksamana 2, Jalan Ungku Tun Aminah and is open at 9am to 8pm from Monday to Thursday, 10am to 8pm from Friday to Sunday.