Through the eyes of the East

Through the eyes of the East” By Salma HamidHussain

Salma Hamid Hussain has lived and travelled in many countries, including the United States. Appalled by the misconceptions on Eastern women and their lifestyle and beliefs, Hussain jotted down her ideas in “Through the eyes of the East” (published by Partridge Singapore)

Published in 2012, “Through the eyes of the East” is set to have a new marketing campaign. This book mirrors the values, beliefs and lifestyles in Eastern countries, and delivers a valuable message in a world where strife and dissent dominate. Hussain’s origins from Pakistan and her travels around the globe have provided her with experiences and sources of inspiration that allowed her to interweave a vibrant tapestry of rhymes and verses.

Some of her poems, written while living abroad, are outpourings of nostalgia for her homeland, as in Rumi’s “Exordium” on “The Lament of the Reed,” which says:

“Hearken to this Reed forlorn,

Breathing, even though ’twas torn,

From its rushy bed, a strain,

Of impassioned love and pain.”

“It is not a stereotypical book, and it is based on real experiences, and in answer to the various dilemmas that people face nowadays. It is, as I mention, close to “an instruction manual” for the day-to-day occurrences and problems,” the author says.

“Through the eyes of the East”

By Salma Hamid Hussain

Hardcover | 8.5 x 8.5in | 92 pages | ISBN 9781543767490

Softcover | 8.5 x 8.5in | 92 pages | ISBN 9781543767476

E-Book | 92 pages | ISBN 9781543767483

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About the Author

Salma Hamid Hussain was born in Lahore, Pakistan. She then got her post-graduate degree in education from Karachi University. She was married at age 19 and widowed while she was teaching in Iran. She was in her 30s at the time and had had three children. After teaching for a year at St. Patrick’s High School in Karachi, she got a job as a Persian translator, which took her to various countries. She has received many kudos for her work and as a member of the International Society of Poetry, she won an Editor’s Choice award, and her poems were published in the ISP’s anthologies. Her interests include reading, writing, travelling, international cuisine, charity work and alternative health therapies. She currently spends her time between Karachi, Pakistan and Dubai.