The Little Girl

New book tells the story of following dreams while being a single parent

Book image courtesy of TF Mann

In his new book, “The Little Girl,” first time author T.F. Mann tells the story of a young man named Nigel Delphian as he unexpectedly becomes a single parent. As an aspiring doctor, Nigel is suddenly faced with the challenges of medical school and raising his young daughter at the same time.

“The book is autobiographical in a way,” Mann explained. “This story is based on many events in my life. Nigel and I faced the same challenges of attending medical school while being a single parent.”

Facing the daunting task of raising his little girl, Nigel quickly changes his whole life to accommodate his daughter. Instead of attending study groups and student parties, he finds himself at birthday parties as a single father doing his best to fit in.

The book is an inspiring testimony to overcoming obstacles, the unwavering love of a parent, and the dedication it takes to pursue your dreams.

“The Little Girl”
By T.F. Mann
ISBN: 9781665712040 (softcover); 9781665712057 (electronic)
Available at Archway PublishingAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
T. F. Mann is a spine physician who has always loved writing in many forms. His first book, “The Little Girl,” was inspired by his experiences after gaining custody of his young daughter while attending college. Today, he lives and practices medicine in South Carolina where he enjoys spending time outdoors and with his family. For more information, please visit