The Cosmic Romance with Existence

New book walks with readers to remove their self-ignorance and realise their higher selves

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From his spiritual lessons and experiences, Murali Dharan learned that the creator of the universe is present in creation. The creator is constantly relating with the creation through time, space and energy. His knowledge, love for God and humanity have ignited his passion to write so that he can help and guide others to find their inner light and overcome their daily problems.

“The Cosmic Romance with Existence: A Personal Guide Book for Spiritual Warriors to Merge Their Light with The Cosmic Light” (published by Partridge Singapore) is a personal spiritual guide that walks with readers to remove self-ignorance and realise their higher selves. It explains about pain and suffering, the blissful higher self and spiritual powers. In this book, the universe is called “existence.” The word existence is used because the universe is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.

The chapters of this book aim to help readers overcome daily battles and lead them to self-knowledge, serenity and success. It emphasises the sacred role of meditations in awakening the light of consciousness. It offers three guided meditations for the readers. This book is a great spiritual companion for anyone with the courage and fervent will to dive into the ocean of cosmic consciousness.

“This book emphasises that when mind, body and heart are in harmony, everything you need for your material and spiritual growth will flow to you, making your efforts a great success. If you read the book and practice the meditations in it, you will realise that the universe grants blessings and victories at the right time and moment, if you’re ready to receive them,” Dharan says.  When asked what he wants readers to take away from the book, he answers, “ When there’s a problem, pain or suffering in your life, take time to study about yourself at that moment. Most problems can be well managed or solved if you’re able to do deep, honest self-reflection to unlock the truth behind your own unconscious and conscious self.”

“The Cosmic Romance with Existence: A Personal Guide Book for Spiritual Warriors to Merge Their Light with The Cosmic Light”

By Murali Dharan

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 142 pages | ISBN 9781482879377

Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 142 pages | ISBN 9781482879360

E-Book | 142 pages | ISBN 9781543769128

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About the Author

Murali Dharan holds a bachelor’s degree and a postgraduate diploma in counselling, a master’s degree in social work specialising in couples and family therapy, and a certificate in journalism. He is a dedicated social worker who has more than a decade of experience in providing human services. He gained initiation from several spiritual mystics. He is well-versed in the practice of kriya yoga, raja yoga, chakra self-healing, third eye chakra meditations, and mantra meditations. His knowledge and experiences in social work, yoga, meditations, and martial arts have led him to develop simple yet powerful methods of guidance that can help humanity in spiritual evolution.