Staying Prepared for Any Disasters

Fire drill training and building evacuation at Larkin Sentral

Don't panic! It was a fire drill and evacuation exercise happening at Larkin Sentral earlier today

A fire drill and building evacuation training session were carried out by the management of Larkin Sentral in collaboration with the Johor State Fire and Rescue Department this morning at the Bus Terminal Platform area.

The training, which was held in collaboration with the Larkin Fire and Rescue Department, Johor Bahru, also involved the Larkin Sentral Emergency Response Team (ERT) comprising 42 people which were representatives from the building management, service contractor employees including from the Cleanliness department, Security, Car Park, Ticket Sales Point and JCorp Auxiliary Police as well as bus operators who were at the scene.

In addition to achieving the requirement to renew the Fire Certificate as a guarantee of the building’s operational safety, the objective of this drill was to also provide training and exposure to the ERT team in order to react quickly and provide early assistance in the event of any emergency and disaster in the terminal area.

Being ever ready for any emergencies

The fire drill exercise cum training had the full cooperation of the building management of Larkin Sentral, Damansara Assets and companies under the group namely DASB Property Management Sdn Bhd, Waqaf An-Nur Corporation Bhd (Waqaf Brigade), Johor Public Transport Corporation (PAJ), Larkin Police Station and Company Pengangkutan Maju Bhd.