Skymind Innovation City to Accelerate the State’s Digital Endeavour

Skymind partnered with Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) to help innovate Iskandar Puteri, Johor, one of the dynamic cities in Malaysia

Skymind, a global leader in AI technology, plans to bring its global experience and change the landscape of cities in Malaysia by developing Skymind Innovation City. Skymind Innovation City’s primary focus is to boost the economic and living standards of a city using AI innovation components.

Skymind focuses on empowering companies to develop their own AI applications

By providing companies with tools to be innovators in their industry as well as build a stronger AI ecosystem. Currently, more than 350 of Fortune 500 companies globally use Skymind technologies including IBM, Huawei and NASA.

At the Digital Fujian (Changle) Industrial Park in Fujian Province, China, Skymind has deployed its AI innovation components. The emergence of components of Skymind Innovation has accelerated and made way for a self-sustaining innovation ecosystem in the sector, where talents are educated and upskilled under Skymind’s Talent Development programmes and AI companies have joined the sector and developed their digital innovation bases.

How Skymind Cultivates AI Skills

Skymind deployed its AI Innovation elements in Digital Fujian in 2018. Thousands of AI skills have been trained by the ecosystem, incubating more than a hundred start-up firms. Skymind has drawn local and international enterprises to set up their own AI R&D bases to future proof their businesses. The growth in land values that Skymind and the ecosystem has increased more than four-fold since its inception.

“We create value for cities’ development, and we have successfully done so in Digital Fujian. It is a fully functional AI City that is able to generate considerable economic impact. We will bring components that we have built globally over to Malaysia and eventually to the region, localising the innovation to better suit the regional’s ecosystem,” said Shawn Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer, Skymind Global Limited.

Eow Wan Lin, Managing Director of Skymind Future Cities said, “Skymind Innovation City aims to become one of the top cities in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. To ensure the success of this vision, we are working closely with several strategic partners such as IIB Ventures.”

In Line with State’s Digital Agenda

“Skymind Innovation City is aligned with Johor state’s Digital Agenda and complements Medini with diversity of innovation programmes to provide participating companies a vibrant ecosystem for growth, to foster innovation and entrepreneurship as Johor Digital Hub and the location for Digital Innovation, emerging tech and digital talent development,” says Zulfiqar Zainuddin, the Managing Director of IIB Ventures Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Iskandar Investment Berhad.

Apart from IIBV, Skymind will be collaborating with more strategic partners locally and globally to innovate in Skymind Innovation City.

Skymind Innovation City will focus on three main hubs namely; the Talent Hub for AI Talent Development, The Innovation Hub for enabling technology and AI Innovators and the Regional R&D Hub for research and development of AI applications.

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