Sentosa Central Beach Bazaar to Have the Tallest Fountain in Southeast Asia

Witness the return of the iconic Sentosa Musical Fountain, Singapore, in a unique carnival beach experience


Mount Faber Leisure Group (MFLG) unveiled Central Beach Bazaar, a day-to-night carnival beach experience slated to open in September 2022.

Poised to be the ultimate beachside destination that will invigorate the senses of visitors of all ages, Central Beach Bazaar will introduce three new attractions and a new multi-F&B concept, including the 80-metre-high Sentosa SkyJet, the tallest fountain in Southeast Asia.

A modern rendition of the iconic Sentosa Musical Fountain from the early 1980s as well as a casual eclectic F&B concept International Food Street joins Sentosa SkyJet in the lineup of new experiences. The third new attraction, which will be revealed later, will provide simulation ride experiences and carnival games. Central Beach Bazaar, located steps away from Sentosa’s Beach Station, will complement MFLG’s existing entertainment, dining, and retail experiences, such as the popular outdoor night show Wings of Time. The Central Beach Bazaar includes the existing Good Old Days Food Court & Western Grill and FUN Shop @ Beach Plaza.

Buhdy Bok, Managing Director of MFLG, said, ”We took the opportunity of the pandemic tourism lull to reimagine, pivot and transform our offering that was essentially operating only in the evenings, into one that is appealing not only to tourists but also locals, and yet is able to delight our customers from day to night. With the return of Sentosa Musical Fountain, a plethora of lifestyle offerings, and the new magnificent SkyJet Sentosa, Central Beach Bazaar is poised to be a bustling, one-stop entertainment destination located in the prime centre of the popular Siloso Beach in Singapore.”

Thien Kwee Eng, Chief Executive Officer, Sentosa Development Corporation, said, “The Central  Beach Bazaar is a key milestone in the series of new leisure experiences coming onstream along  Sentosa’s beaches. Together with the upcoming Palawan Sands and other novel offerings, the Central Beach Bazaar will give our guests a reimagined beach experience. We look forward to welcoming more Singaporeans and tourists to Sentosa, and will continue to push ahead and partner with the industry to curate diverse and fulfilling leisure experiences.”

Changing the Sentosa Skyline

Sentosa SkyJet will be the tallest fountain in Southeast Asia, standing 80 metres tall, equivalent to a 24-story building, and will serve as a new landmark enhancing the Sentosa skyline and providing a captivating new visual marker for beachgoers. Sentosa SkyJet, which floats on an open sea platform, was designed and built with the environment and marine life in mind. It is supported by marine-grade chains and seabed weights rather than traditional concrete foundations.

Sentosa SkyJet, located adjacent to the over-water stage for Wings of Time, was designed to complement the outdoor night show’s perfectly choreographed symphony of water jets, laser light projections, and pyrotechnics. The Sentosa SkyJet’s graceful plume is a sight to behold even from kilometres away, thanks to underwater hydraulic pumps that propel seawater at high speeds. Its stream will be illuminated by LED lights, creating a colourful and equally majestic spectacle in the evening sky.

“We believe Sentosa SkyJet will be a Sentosa landmark that stands the test of time. In many ways,  Sentosa SkyJet is a powerful symbol to celebrate the recovery of Singapore’s tourism as the nation welcomes back international visitors as a world-class tourist destination,” added Buhdy Bok.

Fountain Display Show Returns

Sentosa Central Beach Bazaar to Have the Tallest Fountain in Southeast Asia
Sentosa Musical Fountain

Visitors to Central Beach Bazaar in September can expect a modern rendition of the Musical Fountain, one of Sentosa’s most iconic shows in the early 1980s. To commemorate the grand opening of the daytime Sentosa Musical Fountain, which will operate from the same infrastructure as Wings of Time, the attraction will feature two curated 5-minute performances, one of which will feature a score of musical numbers from the 1990s, such as Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me and Walking on Sunshine. The other is a medley of popular National Day songs such as Home and Count on Me Singapore.

The Sentosa SkyJet and Sentosa Musical Fountain are free with a minimum $5 spend at the International Food Street, where visitors can relax and enjoy a panoramic view of the enchanting shows while snacking on delectable street food.

A Variety of Vibrant Street Food

The International Food Street will be a collection of eight F&B concepts housed in a mix of food trucks, kombi vans and upcycled shipping containers. Each kiosk will present vibrant grab-and-go street food cuisines inspired by cities like London, Tokyo, and Mexico, at affordable prices under $10. The shipping containers are also designed with the distinctive Memphis-style eclectic splash of bright colours and bold structural patterns.

Endless Fun under the Sun and Stars

The third new attraction, housed in repurposed shipping containers, would then offer a mix of interactive simulation ride experiences and carnival games. More information will be released at a later date.

Visitors can also catch the Wings of Time night show after sundown, which recently reopened with upgraded pyrotechnic effects and an even more spectacular finale. Guests will also be treated to an enhanced pre-show with new projections beginning on 14th July 2022.

Before the show, stop by the Halal-certified Good Old Days Food Court & Western Grill.

Visitors can also save 10% on their Wings of Time tickets by booking in advance on the MFLG website.

For more information on Central Beach Bazaar, please visit the Mount Faber Leisure website or follow MFLG on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.