Organic One Pot Pasta Meals By Alce Nero

Time and effort saving deliciousness


Pasta is a Malaysian favourite but the usual method of making the sauce in one pot, boiling the pasta in another, then combining in an oven proof dish before sprinkling with cheese and grilling takes time, and creates a mountain of washing up.

When you want that home-cooked organic deliciousness with minimal effort and maximum flavour, Alce Nero is here for you with organic pasta and organic pasta sauce.

One Pot Alce Nero Minestrone Fusilli

Minestrone can be the comfort food for busy weeks as you can add any vegetables to make this pasty heartier. Recommended to use Alce Nero Fusilli Tricolore with its distinctive orange and green strands derived from tomatoes and spinach adds the goodness of organic vegetables while making the meal more exciting for the kids too.


  • Add diced onion and carrots, minced garlic, sliced mushroom and celery, halved cherry tomatoes, ground black pepper, chilli flakes, 2 sprigs of fresh thyme or rosemary, Alce Nero Fusilli Tricolore, Ayam Brand Sweet Cup Corn, Ayam Brand Garden Peas and Alce Nero Vegetable Pasta Sauce to a large pot, mix well.  Boil on high heat.
  • Once contents have come to a boil, reduce to simmer, stirring occasionally to keep ingredients from sticking. Cook until the pasta al-dente and well-coated in sauce.
  • Turn heat off, fold in the spinach until wilted and dish into individual bowls.

This is an incredibly easy and forgiving recipe that you can dress up or dress down based on your preference. Change up the vegetables according to your choice or what is available in your fridge, add plant-based meat or regular meat.  Add more pasta sauce and/or water if you like a soupier consistency. If you have more time, you can fry the garlic, onion and spices for more fragrance and flavour but if you don’t, it will still taste amazing.

This recipe works best with a short pasta such as fusilli that can ‘hold’ the hearty ingredients. Enjoy!

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