Office Tips 101: How To Save On Monthly Expenses


Starting a new business is always exciting, especially when you get the opportunity to be your own boss and do something that you are passionate about. That being said, one should never forget that it’s not always a bed of roses with some new aspects which can be highly challenging. One that comes to mind would definitely involve financial issues.

If you’re planning to start your own small business soon or if you already have your own business, you might want to consider the following tips to minimise some expenses in the office.

1. Say no to printing
Let’s face it – almost everything is online and in digital copy these days for a matter of convenience as well as an environmentally friendly approach. Cut down on having to print almost every document for a business meeting or presentation and opt to make use of digital assistance like your iPad, tab or PowerPoint to present your stunning ideas. Also, instead of saving hard copies of important documents around the office, limit the excessive ink and printing paper costs by switching to the digital option of storing all your office’s necessary documents through cloud-based storage providers.

2. Discount hunting and early bird benefits
One can never emphasise enough how thrifty you have to be when you first start out. But being thrifty doesn’t mean you have to cancel out on staff welfare – one in particular is coffee and snacks. How else will you be able to fuel productivity? However, have you ever considered the cost of purchasing snacks and coffee at whim? Identify your team’s needs such as coffee and a few popular snacks to avoid wastage and choose the right delivery service such as Hook Coffee Malaysia and other reliable ones in the market. Some platforms offer discounts for first time subscribers and you can keep stretching the dollar by using discount codes after you subscribe.

3. Ditch the Phone
If you’re running a business which relies heavily on communication especially follow up calls with clients and sales, then you might want to evaluate how much your phone bill is costing you every month. With a steady internet line, opt for a cost effective communication alternatives such as Zoom or Skype video calls instead of the usual mobile provider. What about WhatsApp calls you might think. Well, think about the last time you had a reliable WhatsApp call that didn’t end abruptly!

4. Price comparison sites
Before purchasing office supplies, know for a fact that different suppliers offer different price range for different products. Doing a bit of research before committing to a shopping trip will help save more than just pennies and it is always important to have an inventory or check list to avoid impulse purchases and choose to go through a price comparison site for office supplies such as folders, boxes, stationery, and more.

5. Work from Home Days
This is probably one of the easily caught on trends when it comes to the workforce these days. Starting a small business also involves employing some help from time to time. We’re not perfect and we all need a little help here and there. If the nature of your company doesn’t require much face time and can be completed online, consider remote work days for your staff. It cuts cost on office rent, electricity bills and commuting while still encouraging employee engagement and approval. However, before jumping on the remote work wagon, build some ground rules to ensure all work is completed promptly and to be reachable during work hours.