Neem Trees Planted on Golf Course for More Oxygen

Saving the environment and improving the air quality and wellbeing at the same time

1. Tree planting to launch Let’s Bond 4

The Committee Members of Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort engaged with members of the Green Earth Society (GES) to plant saplings of Neem Trees at Hole No 3 of its 18-hole golf course recently, as baby steps towards improving the air quality at the golf course.

“The Neem Tree if planted on a large scale can help to combat desertification, deforestation, soil erosion and it reduces excessive global warming as it has a high rate of photosynthesis that releases more oxygen than many other tree species, thereby purifying the atmosphere,” said Elisha Indhumathi of Green Earth Society.

2. Green Earth Society team plants a Neem Tree on the Golf Course

“There is always room for us to grow the trees as we are fundamentally a golf course and the quality of our environment is of a primary concern, looking at the climatic disasters that are constantly affecting us and getting more frequent nowadays,” said Tan Kai Yang, General Manager of Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort.

“More shade is always welcome and as golfers prefer to play golf in the mornings, the oxygen released from the trees once they mature will be a bonus to our health and air quality.  I hope that others will become more aware of the wonderful qualities of the Neem Tree and will initiate to grow them when they can.”

The planting of the Neem Trees is part of a series of activities that Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort has undertaken in its “Green Leap Forward” project to introduce and maintain environmental awareness and good practices within the resort.

Committee members having a go at planting

The Resort will once again collaborate with the GES on the 21st of March 2022, to throw EM Mudballs into its lakes and ponds to purify the water which in turn promotes the wellbeing and quality of aquatic life.  EM Mudballs are a technology combining several organic matters with natural soil that are left to harmonise, before being thrown into water bodies – a technique proven by science to help in water pollution.

The planting of the trees marks the launch of ‘LET’S BOND 4.0’ with the theme ‘H2O & More’ that draws awareness to the importance of water through several activities planned throughout the month of March incorporating fun, education, environmental preservation and competition for members, their children and the public.  The event is held in conjunction with the first-term School Holidays.  For more information on participation in ‘LET’S BOND 4.0 – H2O & More’, please contact Ponderosa’s Sports Department at 016-7027 852.

The Green Earth Society was the winner of the Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards in 2019 for the Environmental Preservation Category and is an NGO running on public donations.  Those interested in sponsoring the Society in its projects for the greater environmental good may contact Elisha at 016-716 5565.