Kunkwan’s Got Talent

“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things” – Flora Lewis

The judges and the winners of Kunkwan Got Talent 2022

In conjunction with United Nations Chinese Language Day, Kunkwan International Mandarin Training Centre organised its annual Kunkwan’s Got Talent 2022 online. The event provided a platform for students to show their talent as well as improve their Mandarin mastering.

The Kunkwan’s Got Talent 2022 contest was inaugurated by the invited VIP guest, Dr Soo Wincci (JCI Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian (TOYM) and The First Miss World Malaysia to Receive a PhD). During her speech, she mentioned that people should never stop themselves from learning a new skill set or language. Besides, it is very important to have a goal and good strategy during the learning process. Wincci had encouraged people to participate in competitions as it’s a free training platform to sharpen their skills.

The main goal of the establishment of Kunkwan is to bring Mandarin to the world and improve the language ability of all non-Chinese people who do not use Mandarin as their native language. This will help them to enhance their competitiveness by learning Mandarin.

Kunkwan's Got TalentKunkwan’s Got Talent 2022 contest had non-Chinese Kunkwan students participating locally as well as international students from the Netherland, the Philippines, Brunei, and Qatar. They performed Chinese poem recitations and amazing talented performances related to the Chinese cultures, such as Chinese Knot, Wing Chun, Shaolin Kungfu, Shadow Puppet, Chinese Traditional Dance, Ink Painting, Chinese Rap, Guzheng and Traditional Archery.

The winner of Kunkwan’s Got Talent 2022 was Nur Suraya, the runner-up was Rotinie and the third place went to Mohd Safiyullah. All of them took home prizes worth RM2200. Dr Soo Wincci, Sharmeer Nashrul, Kent Ng and Hana were the judges.

It is never a loss for us to master a new language nowadays and Kunkwan always opens up opportunities for everyone who wants to learn Mandarin.