Indulging in Buffets the Smart Way – Part 2


Ready to hit the buffet table? We have a little more tips while you are on your way to it

Since we’ve covered pre-buffet tips and tricks, now we are all prepped for the dine-in experience. We have picked the right place with the right price, stomach empty, appetite at all-time high, but hold it. The real battlefield is during the buffet itself. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of delicacies being presented in front of us. The need to fill up your plate with every single thing is immense, where the risk to get full earlier, missing the chances to get the most of the buffet or worst, wasting food that we happen to stack on our plate is likelihood.

We have few tips that might come in handy for you.

Take a little bit of everything and if you like it, get a full serving of it for seconds – A patron taking Le Grandeur’s Selera Iftar hawker’s style beverages

During Buffet

Start with Soup or Salad

It might sound a little less exciting but starting off with these two could ease your stomach to be prepared of the incoming heavier food later. Salad would definitely help your digestion and you will thank yourself later when you do this.

Get on with the expensive ones

You’ve paid for it so head on to the expensive aisle first. It may be king prawns, lobster, salmons, finest Musang King but do get yourself those first. If seafood is not really your thing, top the plate with meats. Remember to focus on getting proteins than carbs as it will fill you up in no time and exercise moderation as well than piling up unnecessarily.

Take a little of everything

That dish may look tasty and we understand your need to take a large scoop of it but hold your horses as variety is actually what you need. It helps you to get more tastes and allow you to eat more. Take a little bit of everything offered in your plate; it could also help you determine what you would actually enjoy and get seconds or even third if you have the capacity!

Take a walk around the hall in between your food intake, maybe find some interesting things around the buffet venue – Amari Hotel’s Warisan Tradisi Asia buffet showcases JARO’s charity handicrafts for purchase for the whole fasting month

Take it slow!

Avoid gobbling your food down but instead take smaller bites. Set a slow pace and steadily eat your meal as this will help you from getting bloated and you will find yourself enjoying the experience better this way. Choking hazard is off the book too when you eat at a much slower pace.

Take five in between meals

It sounds like it’s a waste of time when you can dash to the next meal but walking around in between meals would make your body love you better. When you go for the next round of meal, you will find yourself ready with similar appetite as how you started. More food for you!

Getting your money’s worth is one thing but choose wisely with your choices and being kind to your body should be a priority. Another one is to minimise food wastage that comes from our disposal. Being responsible of what we eat should benefit us and the environment!

Enjoyed your food well? Stay tuned for the finale as to what you need to do post-buffet.