Indulging in Buffets the Smart Way – Final


So you’ve got your palate and tummy sated, now to do some aftercare for your digestion!

So what do we do post-buffet?

Tummy is now full, thirst quenched, cravings satisfied, the bill is paid and we get home feeling very satisfied. However, we need to take care of our body that has consumed so much of food at one sitting (especially dinner buffet). Not trying to guilt trip on your food fiesta, just zooming into some minor details that we might have overlooked after enjoying a great feast.

As health is wealth, let’s take some extra care for the body.

Have some soothing tea after your buffet session ends. – Coffee machines with tea and coffee all set at Jen Hotel

Post Buffet:

Flush the water retention out

We can never stress enough on getting yourself well hydrated. If you’ve gained weight overnight don’t worry as its most probably just water retention and getting rid of it is fairly easy. Be a little more hydrated than usual on the following days and the extra water you gained overnight will flush out.

Walk the food away

We have said it before too that during buffet take a little walk in between, but post meal is also good to go for a slow walk (not brisk). Walking little more steps is the easiest for you to feel better after ingesting a lot of food. It may help burn off the calories too. So, put on that steps counter on and let’s move it!

Eat better meal next

Had too much of calories on one sitting last night? Remember to not beat yourself over it but do better instead. Your breakfast or lunch the next day should be a lot healthier or at least lighter. Keep a lot of lean protein and veggies and you are good to go. Trust me, you will feel good the rest of the day.

Drink some tea

This is best to do once you are done with the buffet, immediately. Soothing, peppermint tea should be your best bet and do avoid milk tea, ‘cham’ or ‘teh tarik’. Drink it hot and better without sugar because it will aid your digestion and help balance out everything else in your stomach too!

Standby the best possible remedy

Maybe we got excited mid meal and we chowed down a little too fast or ate something too spicy, so experiencing heartburn is part and parcel of it, unfortunately. Therefore, it would be helpful to carry some antacids to ease or head to the doctors if it’s unbearable.

With this we conclude our complete journey of buffet, taking the much smarter route possible. Now get your gears started and join that buffet line like the champion you are! Find your buffet of interest through our ‘Food’ tag here.

*These tips and pointers are mere suggestions by the writer and by no means to be substituted as medical advice.