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Household Name Sri Nona Ketupat Wins Gold Award for Product Innovation

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When you think of making ketupat conveniently, Sri Nona comes to mind

Nona Ketupat was presented with the Gold Award at the recent Product Innovation Award 2019, hosted by Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (MIFT) for their latest product ‘Ketupat Palas Pulut Hitam’ at Setia City Convention Centre Shah Alam. MIFT which is a professional non-profit organisation that brings together scientists, technologists and educators in the field of food science and technology and aims to recognise F&B manufacturers for their outstanding and innovative products. The awards are recognised by industry leaders and the Ministry of Health Malaysia once every 2 years and there were only 4 winners this year.

The primary mission of MIFT is to promote the integration of science and technology to enhance the production, processing, packaging, distribution, evaluation and utilisation of food to providing better and more adequate foods.

Household Name Sri Nona Ketupat Wins Gold Award for Product InnovationSri Nona was established in 1975 and has grown to become one of the industry leaders by being a successful Halal food manufacturer. With its vision to deliver the local taste to the world, the R&D and Production team of Sri Nona is constantly innovating to introduce and produce products that meet and exceeds consumer expectations.  The main products of Sri Nona are Ketupat (rice cake), Oyster Sauce, Cooking Sauce, Ginger Drinks, Dessert range and many more.

The winning product this year, Ketupat Palas Pulut Hitam, is a ready-to-cook product food product conveniently packed to allow every household the joy of savouring traditionally prepared Ketupat Palas without having to slave for 4-5 hours in the kitchen. Nona Ketupat requires less time on cooking, with lower energy consumption, while maintaining a high consistent quality that is prepare in a hygienic environment.

Black glutinous rice that is used in this product naturally contains anthocyanin that is an antioxidant with healthy benefits. Besides, glutinous rice is rich in dietary fibre that contributes to a healthy diet.

Household Name Sri Nona Ketupat Wins Gold Award for Product Innovation

The Ketupat Palas packaging used for cooking is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which meets United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Commission Regulation (EU) and Halal Jakim certified criteria that complies with all food act regulations and safety requirement. It is declared safe for human consumption and approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and MESTI.

Nona Ketupat Palas Pulut Hitam is tasty even when consumed on its own, or can be matched with traditional dishes such as Chicken or Beef Rendang, Chicken Floss, Chicken or Beef Curry. For those who have a sweet tooth, alternative dipping with sweet condiments such as Grated Coconut with Brown Sugar, Plain White Sugar, Kaya or Condensed Milk is ure to be a favourite. The recommended retail price for Ketupat Palas Pulut Hitam 250g is RM6.90 per pack.

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