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Growing Concerns on Smoking, Vape and Drugs

A call for shared responsibility with parents, teachers and school administration

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Haji Azman Adnan, Director of Johor Education Department emphasised that, “The rise of technology and social media has made it easier for students to retrieve items that are prohibited for underage students”. He shared this in speech at an anti-drugs seminar held at SJK Foon Yew 1, Johor Bahru.

The seminar was attended by principals, assistant principals, student affairs’ teachers, counselors, coordinator of drug prevention education programme (PPPDa) and representatives of Parents and Teachers Associations (PTA) from schools in 3 districts namely Johor Bahru, Kulai and Pasir Gudang.

Jointly organised with International Women’s Peace Group Malaysia (IWPG), National Anti-Drugs Agency (AADK) Johor, Johor Education Department and SJK(C) Foon Yew 1, the seminar created awareness and provided updates on the latest anti-narcotics issue among children and teenagers for the schools in the said 3 districts.

Haji Azman shared that Johor contributed the biggest statistic for the number of school students in Malaysia with 580,000 school students from Standard 1 to Form 5. In 2019, 1,277 secondary school students in Malaysia were tested positive for nicotine and it is a worrying growing number of smoking behaviour among teenagers.

Parents’ roles are vital and everything starts at home. Azman said that if there is a smoking example at home, then it is most likely for the child to smoke too. While at school where children spend most of their time at, it is important for school authorities to intervene to curb the very early interest of the children on using any sort of drugs, smoke and vape through dialogue and disciplinary.The half day seminar were attended by Woo Sow Pheng, President of IWPGM and Dato’ Dr Abd Halim, Former Director at AADK who also shared his wisdom as the first speaker for the seminar followed by another talk and a forum with professionals and specialists.

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