Go Beyond Breakfast with Ayam Brand Baked Beans

Enjoy these versatile, convenient and delicious protein and fibre-packed beans

Ayam Brand Baked Beans Vegetarian Patties

In Malaysia, baked beans are commonly associated with the American-style big breakfast or full English breakfast, paired with a generous portion of eggs, sausage, beef bacon and mushrooms. However, baked beans can actually be consumed in so many delicious ways that go beyond breakfast.

Baked Beans Patties (Suitable for Vegetarians)

This dish takes its inspiration from South Indian vadai, and Middle Eastern falafel. Turn it into a sandwich or wrap, akin to a falafel sandwich, serve as a side dish to any main meal or have it as a snack.


  1. Stir-fry finely chopped carrots, green chillies, and Ayam Brand Whole Kernel Corn with salt until softened.
  2. In a big bowl, add the softened carrots, corn, green chillies and drained Ayam Brand Baked Beans Light which has 48% less sugar. Then, mash all the ingredients together completely.
  3. Add some corn flour to this mixture to create a workable dough. Then add some finely minced ginger, onion and coriander leaves to the mixture and mix well using your fingers.
  4. Season with salt and chilli powder to taste.
  5. Shape into medium-sized patties. Coat patties in breadcrumbs and arrange them on a plate.
  6. Heat oil in a shallow frying pan. Fry on one side until crispy, then flip and crisp up the other side. Fry in batches, and do not overcrowd the pan.

Enjoy them hot with a cup of tea!

Prep time: 10 minutes, cook time: 20 minutes, serves: 4 pax

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