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Forest City Unveils “Readlife”, the First Smart Community Digital Library in Malaysia

- Advertisement -Forest City Unveils “Readlife”, the First Smart Community Digital Library in Malaysia

Eco-city vision in Forest City for sustainable living

Forest City recently collaborated with OverDrive, the world’s leading digital content provider to build the first smart community digital library called “Readlife”, which was officially launched in Malaysia in January 2019. Readlife is a digital library based on a cloud deployment model. It offers free digital reading services through Forest Life, a Forest City Smart Community App. App users can borrow eBooks anytime, anywhere and enjoy the ultimate experience of seamless global access.

The Readlife digital library is able to provide original books in numerous categories ranging from Literature, Encyclopedias, Biographies, Philosophy, Art, Children Books and etc., and in languages such as Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese. In future, Readlife will continue to offer a wider choice of popular and latest titles for readers to choose from.

In addition to a wide selection of international book titles, Readlife also features a series of audio books with human voice overs from professional actors and presenters in their native languages. With human voice overs, the read-along eBooks offer a distinct reading experience to enhance language learning for readers. It will be a perfect learning tool for readers who want to learn English, especially for those who want to improve their pronunciation.

As the first smart community digital library in Malaysia, Readlife aims to provide convenient and fast digital reading services for visitors and residents around the world, and to meet the reading needs of different groups of people in Forest City.

Ng Zhu Hann, Director of Strategy of Forest City and Country Garden, said, “The digital library is part of the innovation of smart community development in Forest City. It also reflects that we are concerned about community development. Readlife brings value to the community by creating a vibrant and diverse culture and a treasure trove of knowledge to support business and commercial activities in Forest City.”

Since the inception of the project, Forest City has been committed to achieving a smart eco-city vision to provide a diverse range of smart community services. An O2O-based community APP called Forest Life was also launched earlier – integrating community services, e-commerce and entertainment services – to offer smart lifestyle solutions in Forest City.

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