FARIZ JABBA Unveils His Rap Universe With ‘MASUK’

Singaporean hip-hop talent Fariz Jabba has released his latest single – and his first recorded work of 2023 – ‘Masuk’, now available on all digital streaming platforms via Def Jam South East Asia


This year, Fariz is ready to show an elevated leap in his artistry. With ‘Masuk’, produced by long-time collaborator FlightSch, he intends to “push the boundaries of what the music industry expects from Malay artists”, as he so bluntly told us.

At first listen, nothing about ‘Masuk’ screams a deviation from the norm – with an intoxicating trap beat powered by FlightSch, Fariz oozes confidence.

He boasts about a woman who has who has him “hooked in love”, but he’s not afraid to show just how deep he is in it: “Ku telah digari / Come see me, aku da kasi ni / We can go on and on babe / lepaskan diri”, which translates to “I’m cuffed / come see me, I’m right here, we could go on and on / let yourself go.”

Fariz forgoes the standard bravado of modern rap to dive into a tale where seduction can mean subservience – it’s not always about alpha energy, it’s about what feels right to you.

With ‘Masuk’, Fariz quietly tugs away at the machismo that can overwhelm the best hip-hop music. Relationships work when both partners agree to a dynamic that feels comfortable for them: in Fariz’s case, he’s happy to strap in and be a part of the ride. The song acts as a fantasy, where Fariz hopes listeners are able to embrace and be comfortable in their weirdness – going with what makes them feel inspired and ultimately, happy.

“With this verse, I feel this sense of relatable existence and personal significance,” he explains. “It is a moment where I open myself up to vulnerability and to enable myself to let the song consume each individual organically.”

Fariz maintains that ‘Masuk’ is merely a piece of a puzzle, “a story in the art that I am creating on this canvas”. Where else will Fariz take us this year? Only he knows. But he has some words about his highly-anticipated upcoming album:

“My upcoming album is a statement of a lost generation,” he says, “and I want to take this album as an opportunity for people to release that it’s okay to be lost, or perceived as ‘weird’. There are no boundaries to how good a soul you can be, or project yourself, as when you truly believe in your craft.”