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Happy Labour’s Day to the hardworking citizens of the region! In just a matter of days, our Muslim friends will begin their month-long fasting. I’d like to wish them well during this month of reflection and with our various picks of breaking-fast options, do exercise moderation for better health.

Universal Music Group has released a single from Jannine Weigel, a YouTuber sensation of Thai-German parentage. Read on to learn more about her and her music.

We all would love to have a flying carpet and of course a magic lamp to grant our wishes, but in reality it doesn’t happen unless you’re Aladdin! Enjoy this charming tale from 23rd May onwards at the cinemas near you starring my super favourite Will Smith as the Genie! Also, Sony Pictures brings us a superhero horror – Brightburn early May!

This time I’m going to share my rocking experience at the Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, where right from the concierge, music and services, they have done nothing less but aced!

As always, for those wishing to share their fashion collection, travel tales, or like us to review your restaurant/hotel for a staycation, drop me an e-mail at waves.lifestyle@gmail.com and be featured. For more news, do access www.theiskandarian.com

The Iskandarian wishes all Muslim readers a blessed fasting month, Happy Mother’s Day and Wesak to celebrants.

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