Editor’s Note


Happy New Year everyone!

Just like that, we are welcoming another New Year and sadly still with the ongoing COVID-19 virus and its mutations. Let us try our best to be optimistic that this year we can beat it, stay safe, and moving forward be reunited with all our families and friends whom most of us haven’t been able to visit.

Once again, there are a couple of cinematic treats this January from our Movie partners Sony Pictures Malaysia and The Walt Disney Company Malaysia. Closer to the movie release dates, we would update it under the Movies tab. So keep a lookout for it! **At the same time, we would try our best to keep you updated if there are any postponements due to the ongoing pandemic.  

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, our previous Waves website had to be disabled. The good news is, all music, movies and books updates/reviews will now be available under The Iskandarian website in its respective tabs and Waves Lifestyle’s social media.

We will keep updating the Food column with any festive offerings and recipes. So, do check them out.

As a sigh of relief, most hotels have started to open their doors for staycations and dining-in for vaccinated Malaysians. Do keep abreast of the latest updates and announcements from the government before making any hotel bookings or ensure that the place you’ve booked at has COVID-19 cancellation or postponement policies. Do browse our Travel column for travel escapades that you can embark on.

As always, for those wishing to share their fashion collection, travel tales, or like us to review your restaurant/hotel for a staycation, drop me an e-mail at waves.lifestyle@gmail.com and be featured. For more news, do access www.theiskandarian.com.

We at The Iskandarian would like to wish everyone a fantastic New Year 2022!