BCB Lends Voice to Women Economic Empowerment


Executive Director, Lindy Tan shares her views at US-Taiwan’s Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF)

The Global Cooperation and Training Framework was initiated in June 2015 by Taiwan and the US to address global challenges in such areas as international humanitarian assistance, public health, environmental protection, energy, technology, education and regional development.

The latest installation of the Taiwan-US Global Cooperation and Training Framework held in Taipei City focussed on women’s economic empowerment that featured business representatives, entrepreneurs and officials from 15 countries and territories such as Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the US. The summit was attended by Tsai Ing-wen, President of the Republic of China.

BCB Lends Voice to Women Economic Empowerment
Executive Director of BCB Berhad, Lindy Tan sharing her views

Among the representative from Malaysia was Executive Director of BCB Berhad, Lindy Tan.
“I think generally, as a female in the property industry, we tend to be underestimated. One way to manage this perception is to make sure we know our stuff, go out on site and talk to the people. However, I think I’ve had good partners and mentors along the way, which helped a lot,” said Lindy when speaking about the male dominated property industry.
The 2-day summit had representatives from big names in the industry such as Microsoft, Facebook, Uber, Bloomberg, AppWorks, Global Women’s Issues at US-based Overseas Private Investment Corp and government officials from various countries.

“When we ask for gender equality, women must also be ready to step out of our comfort zone and be competitive. Inclusive growth is the key as it engages both men and women to bring the much desired equality.”

“Attending GCTF gives us the opportunities to develop a close network with attendees with the same vision from 17 countries so that we can support one another in our efforts and share our different resources when we go back to our home countries. It was a wonderful training and it has created an international platform for each of us too,” added Lindy.