Do You Know There’s First Aid for Your Mental Health?

EduCity introduces the immediate care kit to destigmatise mental health problems

EduCity’s The Epilogue of HAPPY Clinic ‘21 webinar introduced its own HAPPY kit, a mental health first aid kit

EduCity through its EduCity Educators Conference on World’s Mental Health Day on the 10th of October 2021 unveiled the first-ever mental health first aid kit dubbed as HAPPY, an acronym from ‘Healthy, Active and Peaceful Practices For You’.

The kit was shared via various online broadcasting platforms by Wan Ahmad Saifuddin who is the Managing Director of EduCity Iskandar during his inaugural speech for The Epilogue of HAPPY Clinic ‘21 to introduce the campus city’s certified mental health first aiders.

HAPPY Kit is a self-care tool to manage an individual’s daily stressors to give immediate support; glitch-free. Acting as a mental ‘band-aid’, the kit was introduced to help encourage an open mind within the realm of the campus to discuss and further destigmatise seeking help for mental health.

Consisting of HAPPY Flashcards, Stress Ball, Eye Mask and Earplugs, the kit can be used independently and also act as the basic tools for mental health first aiders.

The webinar which consisted of three sessions of talks addressing various challenges faced by working professionals, parents and youth, has placed a spotlight on the campus city’s certified Mental Health First Aiders, a team of individuals who would address, detect symptoms and perform immediate treatment on, for example, panic attack and major depression while also acting as the advocate for mental health awareness and to equip anyone with coping skills.

More information about EduCity’s Mental Health First Aiders can be found in one of its previous webinar.