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Details Behind University Johor

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Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik led a delegation from the ministry to discuss with the state government over the development of new university in the state.

The meeting between delegation from the ministry and state government led by Menteri Besar, Datuk Osman Sapian concluded with Dr Maszlee saying, “The state government has started its work and on behalf of the ministry, we will provide all the necessary support to enable the state government to carry out this project”.

State Islamic Affairs and Education Committee Chairman Aminolhuda Hassan later explained that Kolej Kumpulan Pendidikan Yayasan Pelajaran Johor (KPYPJ) and Kolej Pengajian Islam Johor (MARSAH) will be upgraded to become University Johor.

He further explained that KPYPJ and MARSAH are state owned colleges and the upgrading to become University Johor will not begin from zero.

Aminolhuda said the state government recently completed the establishment of a committee comprising educational experts, which is the first phase of the development of the university.

University Johor should be in operation by 2021.

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