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Charging for Plastic Bags for a Good Cause

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In line with Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort’s (Ponderosa) ‘A Green Leap Forward’ environmental initiative, request for plastic bags from members will be chargeable but at any amount, which in turn shall be dropped into a box for the benefit of Johor’s Kechara Soup Kitchen Society.

Charging for Plastic Bags for a Good Cause
Collection to benefit Kechara Soup Kitchen9

A “Say No to Plastic” campaign is currently running at the resort and it has been a long-running practice to provide members with plastic bags for keeping soiled personal belongings after activities.

“Recently, we have started to distribute recyclable water-proof bags to all members.  They are required to bring it along every time they partake in activities here.   We understand that there will be those who forget to bring them along and thus require plastic bags.  We will give it to them but will request for payment which is at their own free will; that in turn will be donated to the Kechara Soup Kitchen,” said Tan Kai Yang, General Manager of Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort.

Ponderosa’s “A Green Leap Forward” is an environmental sustainability programme for 2020 which are rolled out in stages and encumbering several sections of its operations.  The initiative involves working with NGOs, some of them who are winners of the Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards (IMSHA) according to principles of re-use, reduce, recycle and to upcycle.

Monies will be donated to Kechara Soup Kitchen’s Empowerment Project which is an initiative that strives to provide sewing lessons and be a sustainable source of income for single mothers and at-risk women.  Products made for sale such as bags, aprons, bathrobes, pencil boxes, hand towels and etc., uses upcycled materials donated by individuals, hotels and local fabric factories.

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