Bringing International Branding Expertise to Malaysia

A Loft Affair shares their stories as Malaysia’s Boss Squad under Kubi Springer and wants more locals to join in

A Loft Affair
Nora and Rita at A Loft Affair gained more confidence through Kubi’s module

Inside A Loft Affair, a calm workspace with tasteful aesthetic interior are two fiery ladies that are burning with passion on what to do next on top of their plans. Nora and Rita always have something up on their sleeves and this go-get-them attitude is what they were sharing with me – Kubi Springer’s Boss Squad mentoring programme.

If you have not heard of her, just like me, Nora asked if I know Beyonce – of course I responded. Brahims (as in the food company)? Of course I quipped again. Both of them shares one similar trait, Nora told me. This left me blinking and thinking. How? I learned that Kubi Springer is the one who was responsible for the branding part of the two (mega) entities. Likewise, I was speechless! Those two are just to name a few which rendered me even more surprised. Local brands that went international like MimpiKita and SugarScarf were also under Kubi’s wings.

As a person who worked behind the scenes, of course it’s industry-exclusive to know her. So when Kubi offered her female-empowering mentoring programme at a tremendously affordable price, Nora and Rita grabbed that chance. By joining the module, they committed to an hour a week to sit down and learn where and what to do, consulting with Kubi directly via the World Wide Web.

Kubi has come to Malaysia to talk about branding a couple of times before and one of the widely covered events is the one she did with Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) attended by 40 Kelantan’s key industry players from government and private sectors.

Nora and Rita would very much like to see more people from Malaysia benefit from Kubi’s programme and anyone who is interested could log on to and watch your brand go to a height that you have never imagined before.