Are You Ready or Not?

Meca comes up with a checklist for returning to the office on full workforce scale

Prior to entering the workplace, ensure that the employees are low risk with no symptoms shown in their MySejahtera

It is good news that the Government continues to allow more economic sectors to open. We are returning to a “new normal” with our vaccination rates increasing day by day and more States being placed in Phase 4 of the National Recovery Plan.  Employees are also now allowed to return to the office in full force. Nevertheless, we still need to continue adhering to the SOPs set by the Government. Here is a checklist to assist employers in preparing the workplace for the return of the full capacity workforce:

  • Workplace Safety

As the majority of the employees are fully vaccinated, we would have to learn how to live with COVID-19 being around us and adhere to the SOPs in the workplace for the safety of all. Here are some of the suggestions that the company can implement by way of policies for employees to adhere to:

  1. Prior to entering the workplace, ensure that the employees are low risk with no symptoms shown in their MySejahtera.
  2. Employees to scan MySejahtera and take the temperature.
  3. Implement weekly or bi-weekly swab tests to ensure the safety of the employees.
  4. Provide face masks, face shields and hand sanitisers.
  5. Develop a procedure in the event there is a positive case in the workplace such as quarantine period, shut down of the workplace and sanitizing procedure.
  6. Establishing social distancing measures within the workplace.
  7. Create a safe work bubble environment.
  • Business & Personal Travel

Interstate and international travelling is now allowed and employees will be travelling for business and personal reasons. Employers would need to take precautions by implementing the following to curb the spread of the COVID when they return from their travels:

Implementing policy for travelling interstate and abroad for business and personal travel such as requirements for a swab test, length and treatment of quarantine periods and leave applications.

  1. Be guided by the SOPs set by Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN).
  • Customer/Visitors in the workplace

Customers/visitors to are now allowed to enter your workplace. For the safety of your workplace, employers would need to ensure that the customers/visitors are healthy and project no signs of symptoms before entering the workplace. With that, employers should ensure some of the following procedures are adhered to by the customers/visitors:

Prior to entering the workplace, ensure all customers/visitors are fully vaccinated and they are low risk with no symptoms shown in their MySejahtera.

  1. Ensuring all customers/visitors scan MySejahtera and take the temperature.
  2. Ensuring all customers/visitors follow the company’s SOP while they are in the workplace such as social distancing, wearing face masks and face shields.
  3. In the event, any of the customers/visitors are found positive and the workplace might be considered one of the close contact, the customers/visitors would need to inform the employers.
  • Employees’ Benefits

COVID-19 is still among us and is expected to continue to remain. Therefore, we would need to be prepared for employees’ benefits in the event any employees are found positive in the coming years. It is recommended to prepare a ‘Return to Work Employees’ Benefits Kit which comprises the following:

  1. Group Health Insurance to cover Covid situation
  2. Leave Application for the quarantine period
  • Working Environment

Even though companies are allowed to come back in full capacity, the workspace might not be sufficient due to social distancing and health requirements. Therefore, employers may need to come out with a plan as follows:

  1. Hybrid Working policy where the employees will be on a rotation basis to come into the office.
  2. A Work From Home policy allows the employees to perform work at home efficiently.

The above checklist is for employers to take note of and to continue to ensure that the employees adhere to the SOPs set by the Government as well as the company’s policies to curb the spread of COVID in the workplace and to ensure the well-being of the employees (safety and benefits) is protected.


**The facts and views expressed are solely that of the author/authors and do not necessarily reflect that of the editorial board. Implement policies that are suited to your organisation.