A Wonderland of Buka Puasa Bazaar In A Resort

Feast in the realm of nature with extensive choices in Pulai Springs Resort 28 Days Bazaar

Nasi Arab 28 Hari ala Pulai

If you are like me, tired of the computer and smartphone screens, you will find some comfort in Pulai Springs Resort which is surrounded by lush greenery and soothing sounds of nature.  Thus in this fasting season, I had to grab a chance of dining in their popular 28 Days Buffet ala Bazaar. 

Greeted by the serene ambience and friendly staff, making my way to Gleneagles Terrace Restaurant is made easy with their free parking. I met friends by chance there who are making their move to the makeshift prayer room that is conveniently located just right beside the buffet venue.

A Wonderland of Buka Puasa Bazaar In A Resort
A bowl of sweet and savoury Mee Kolok

My memories of the buffet experience are being full as I tried to get as much food as I can, from its famous Kari Kambing 28 Hari to desserts, every each of the over 150 dishes is a must-try!

It was raining on the day I dine so the piping hot Asam Pedas Johor and Sup Power are my top picks to start. Pairing them with the Nasi Arab 28 Hari ala Pulai is probably the best decision I have made in my buka puasa stint, it adds so much flavour on top of the already savoury rice with lamb shanks slices. 

A Wonderland of Buka Puasa Bazaar In A Resort
Pick your choice – Asam Pedas Johor or Curry with Seafood

It’s a pity that it was pouring or else we could experience watching a movie under the stars with Pulai’s huge AirScreen.

Washing down the spice with freshly served Coconut Shake, I quickly went over to get Sup Tulang Merah to down with some baguette and my friend, brought over the sought after Pulai Spring’s sought Mee Kolok that is on the sweet side, perfect for us to seamlessly conclude our buka puasa with some desserts – we get ourselves some ABC and sweet porridge and chocolate tiramisu. 

A Wonderland of Buka Puasa Bazaar In A Resort
Cute desserts – just one part of the many desserts offered

Buffet Ala Bazaar is available for reservation until the 1st of May 2022, from 7 pm to 9.30 pm. 

Priced at RM 110nett per adult and RM 60nett per child (aged 4 to 12 years), get yourself a deal when you paid for 10 adults, 1 adult dines FREE (not applicable with any other offers or discounts). 

To reserve, send a text to their WhatsApp at  https://wa.link/6yn7p5 or https://wa.link/u7rilp. Alternatively, you could book through their website at https://www.pulaisprings.com/…/bufet-ala-bazar-28-hari-1.

Want to experience the whole fast-breaking and sahur at Pulai Springs Resort as an escape from your city life? Stays until the end of April 2022 could get 20-30% off on room rates that include free breakfast with a special promo code: RMD22. More information on the accommodation is here